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2021 Nominated

Transforming Services

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2013 Nominated

Best Social Media Tool

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Fashion Tracking

Telling the stories of some of the veterans at rest in Porirua Cemetery has become a lot easier. I worked closely with the Cemetery Manager and completed the installation of 16 QRS codes on distinctive red posts in the cemetery, off Kenepuru Dr. Visitors can scan the codes with their smartphone and it takes the user to the Council cemeteries website, where they can read a little more about the person buried in that gravesite. 

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Nominated: During the 2020 Lockdown created a fluid, real-time digital strategy to manage Porirua City Council, Te Rauparaha Arena and Porirua Libraries. Adjusting our communications in real time to deliver timely and relevant content. This also required an online database solution for the Love Local Campaign, part of the Covid-19 recovery plan. Created a web based solution, allowing business owners to submit their details via a digital form and a Facebook Group, called Love Local - Porirua. Giving business owners and the local community to engage with each other.


2013 PARTNERSHIP: AppExchange

Partnership: With endorsement from the Managing Director and CEO at SolX Consulting I collaborated with the partnerships team, set up and managed SolX Consulting AppExhange landing page. The AppExchange is a fast and easy way to extend your businesses Salesforce experience, highlight best practice solutions and share your experience with a vast range of customers. This facility allowed us to showcase some of our best projects and apps.

Love Local
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Website Strategy | Porirua City Council

I created a detailed and robust digital marketing strategy which focused on the Website, Social Media platforms and blogging. This strategy was approved by the Executive Leadership Team and implemented across the organisation.

It focused on creating a seamless customer experience for residents to the website, with enhance social media integration from embedding posts to sharing webpages. Utilising B2B strategies such as Call to Actions for the Discover Porirua section and working with the Web Developer to create better searching functionality, automated updates and homepage enhancements.

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Discover Porirua tourism website

Oversaw the design and functionality of the tourism section of the Porirua City Council website called Discover Porirua, using the existing templates to create a customer journey, downloads, links, google maps, call to actions, beautiful imagery and social media integration. This section also includes the Discover Porirua Brochure for customers to download, I also worked with the Web Developer to create a real time list of Porirua events on Eventfinda.

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Website Strategy | Porirua Library

I created a detailed digital web strategy for Porirua Library. With a big emphasis on the What's Happening page, I focused on creating a seamless customer experience to the website, details for each library, opening times and information about events.

Giving the library scrolling headers, with branded images promoting their services. Utilising B2B strategies such as Call to Actions and working with the Web Developer to create better searching functionality, automated updates and homepage enhancements.

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2018 Innovation Forum

The 2nd Workplace Innovation Forum held by Condeco was a major success, hosted at the Courthouse Hotel in Central London the Studio Audience were able to hear from a diverse industry-wide panel of speakers.

My role within the team was to execute the digital elements of the event, including the landing and registration page, a post-event page including photographs and video highlight reel, comprehensive social media strategy to raise the event profile by creating event branded social media images, paid and organic social, as well as live tweeting from the event.

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Condeco | Content Hub

As part of a global rollout of content, I created the framework, audited existing content and created new content for a digital online resource hub. This provided customers a central location to find, read, download and engage with content. This online platform connected with Hubspot, allowing us to create a database of customers, which then were used in digital marketing campaigns.

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Women's refuge shield

As part of the strategy within Porirua City Council, I worked with the web developer to embed the Women's refuge shield. The Shielded Site is designed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile, and created as a tool for victims of abuse to ask for help, without fear of it showing up in their browser’s history or an abusive partner ever seeing it.

We added the icon which to the bottom banner of the website which is part of a powerful resource to help end domestic violence.

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Women in Technology


As part of the strategy to establish Condeco UK as a Thought Leader in the Workplace Industry, Women In Technology landing page was part of this and at the forefront of the shift to promoting the business as a leader in technology, empowering women, assist with boosting talent attraction & attention and to generate engagement.

Landing Page | Thought Leadership | Social Media | Influencer thought leadership

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Podcast Website creation

The brainchild of Eve Laws, Poopology Podcast brings together women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a modern warrior woman. I created the website to reflect the diverse nature of the hosts and guest and to showcase what the podcast is all about.

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Website Solution advice | Rahui Rugby Club

Approached by Rahui Rugby club on a solution for their online shop facility, I discussed with them their plans, capability and budget and recommended using Shopify as a solution, which can be added on to their existing website.

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Covid-19 landing page | Porirua City Council


During COVID-19 I implemented a Digital and Social Media strategy across the Council, which included emergency pop up banner on the website, dedicated COVID-19 resource pages for community and business, and a community welfare page. This strategy also included a robust social media campaign, with paid and organic messaging to targeted communities, including Maori and Pacific communities.

Event | Social Media | Website | Digital Strategy | Love Local Facebook group | Love Local Database

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2021 Business Month | Porirua City Council


I created a series of webpages and a main landing page for Porirua Business Month. The bright future of business in Porirua will be celebrated throughout June, with a series of events to support, inspire and grow local business.Porirua Business Month will feature six free events covering wide ranging aspects of business.

Business Month Strategy | Landing page | Video | Event

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Website Strategy | Te Rauparaha Arena

I oversee the management of Te Rauparaha Arena website. I created a detailed digital web strategy for Te Rauparaha Arena. It focused on creating a seamless customer experience to the website, including pricing, opening times and information about events. Utilising B2B strategies such as Call to Actions and working with the Web Developer to create better searching functionality, automated updates and homepage enhancements.

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Cake and cupcake website

Let them eat Cake!

I love to bake, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and puddings, I created a personal  website which not only displayed my delicious cakes and cupcakes, but also gives me a chance to create another website and try out some new design and skills, and new upcoming functionality.

See the website here

Fashion Business

Website Solution advice | eCommerce

I was contacted by Rajbinder Kandola to provide eCommerce solutions for her start-up digital fashion business, Husna Boutique. Discussing her business plan and strategy, eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, digital marketing and social media solutions. 

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