I have designed and created websites, landing pages for events and thought leadership requirements as well as creating personal websites for individual professionals.

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Porirua City Council - COVID-19 landing page

During COVID-19 I implemented a Digital and Social Media strategy across the Council, which included emergency pop up messaging on the website, dedicated COVID-19 resource pages for community and business. This strategy also included a robust social media campaign, with paid and organic messaging to targeted communities.

Love Local - Porirua Business Directory

Love Local - Porirua is a nation wide project allowing community members and local businesses to share their stories and operating information during COVID-19 Pandemic.

This included a Facebook Group and an online business directory.

Creating Call to Actions 

I instructed the web developer to create a series of call to actions, (CTA's) which can be used throughout the Porirua City Council website, creating more links and more downloads of the Discover Porirua booklet.

Porirua City Council Website

I created a detailed and robust digital marketing strategy which focused on the Website, Social Media platforms and blogging. This strategy was approved by the Executive Leadership Team and implemented across the organisation.

It focused on creating a seamless customer experience for residents to the website, with enhance social media integration from embedding posts to sharing webpages. Utilising B2B strategies such as Call to Actions for the Discover Porirua section and working with the Web Developer to create better searching functionality, automated updates and homepage enhancements.

Automated process for yearly pricing updates

Working closely with the Web Developer at Porirua City Council, I changed a lengthly manual process of updating yearly fees and charges to an automated process. The process used to take two days to manually update, using the new automated process, it now takes two hours.

Workplace Glossary of Terms

As part of the Condeco Content, I created the framework and content for a Workplace Glossary of Terms which enabled customers to find related content. 


"Confused by the latest workplace jargon? We can make things clearer. Get a straight-talking explanation in our handy glossary and stay up-to-date."

Condeco Content Hub

As part of a global rollout of content, a digital online resource hub was created to offer customers a central location to find, read, download and engage with all existing and new content.

Podcast Website creation

The brainchild of Eve Laws, Poopology Podcast brings together women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a modern warrior woman. 

Cake website

I love to bake, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and puddings, I put together a website which not only displayed my cakes, but also gives me a chance to create another website and try out some new design and skills.

Women in Technology


An evergreen landing page focusing on Women in Technology, interviews and articles from Thought Leaders globally spanning a range of talent, representing Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Governance, Social Media, Workplace and working in male-dominated environments.

The plan - As part of the strategy to establish Condeco UK as a Thought Leader in the Workplace Industry, Women In Technology was part of this and at the forefront of the shift to promoting the business as a leader in technology, empowering women, assist with boosting talent attraction & attention and to generate engagement.

2018 Innovation Forum

The 2nd Workplace Innovation Forum held by Condeco was a major success, hosted at the Courthouse Hotel in Central London the Studio Audience were able to hear from a diverse industry-wide panel of speakers.

My role within the team was to execute the digital elements of the event, including the landing and registration page, a post-event page including photographs and video highlight reel, comprehensive social media strategy to raise the event profile by creating event branded social media images, paid and organic social, as well as live tweeting from the event.


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