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2021 Nominated

Transforming Services

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2013 Nominated

Best Social Media Tool

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2013 Nominated

Woman in IT

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2023 LIVE INTERVIEW: TVNZ Breakfast news

As a market organiser, I represented the Otaki Market on TVNZ Breakfast, discussing the upcoming Otaki Market event.

The Otaki Womens Community Club was formed when the Otaki Lioness Club disbanded over 20 years ago. A group of women aged from 40 to 90 years, were determined to still continue to support the town that they live in. The club runs a popular Sunday market held every fortnight in the winter and weekly in the summer, on the Main Highway of Otaki (just across the road from the New World). This market is the main fundraising project, (supplemented by smaller projects during the year). The markets were started on the 20th November 1996 in Centennial Park, SH1, Otaki.

2023 LIVE INTERVIEW: Mike Hoskins Breakfast Show

As a market organiser, I represented the Otaki Market on RNZ Breakfast

The Ōtaki Market is a charity run by the Otaki Women's Community Club, as well as our regular market we have also introduced a Kids Market, which is held every school holidays. 

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2021 RECOGNITION: Co-speaker Social Media for Government NZ Summit

How to adjust communications in real time to deliver timely and relevant content

"We received excellent feedback on your presentation, and Porirua City Council was one of the most requested organisations by the delegates to interview when gathering insight for the 2022 agenda. As one of our standout speakers from last year, we wanted to reach out to invite you to participate in 2022." Bianca Almeida, Marketing Specialist, Akolade

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2021 WON: Tompkins Wake Better policy & regulation award

Working closely with the Marketing Manager and Videographer we created the award winning video for "At the Heart of Our City: Strategic Framework for Children and Young People in Porirua." which highlighted the strategy put together by the Principal Advisor for Children and Young People. Tompkins Wake Award for Better Policy and Regulation: Recognises the development of robust and effective evidence-based policy or local regulatory initiatives. Any policy, plan or regulatory initiative is eligible for this award. 

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2018 PARTNERSHIP: IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management)

Working closely with the Global Marketing Manager we created a successful partnership with IWFM, collaborating digital content, thought leadership and speaking opportunties. The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) is the body for workplace and facilities professionals. Existing to promote excellence among a worldwide membership community of around 14,000 and to demonstrate the value and contribution of workplace and facilities management more widely. 

Youth workshop, parliment
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Co-Speaker | Social Media for GOV NZ

Invited to speak again at the annual Social Media for GOV NZ conference, I discussed Trolling and online abusive behaviour. We discussed how as a team we deal with this narrative, digital strategy and how to counteract misinformation.

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Speaker | ConfereNZ 2020

Won: Tompkins Wake Award for Better Policy and Regulation (SOLGM) 


Invited to speak at ConferenNZ 2020 "Communicating New Zealand" conference, I presented "How to engage the under 25's on social media within the public sector". This was based on four social media projects run at Porirua City Council, Waitangi Day, Children's Day, Valentine's Day and a three-day work experience programme.

Children's Day | Valentine's Day | ConferenNZ | Waitangi Day | Work Experience | SOLGM Award winning Video


Speaker | conference

NOMINATED: WOMEN IN IT AWARD, innovated digital campaign award

DIGITAL STRATEGY SOLX CONSULTING: I spoke to at a conference on the Chatter Challenge, which was a successful organic social media campaign created for a implementation company. 

This company were huge users of a tool called Chatter, and this challenge was given to the CEO to use this tool as per primary communication tool, ditching email, phone, fax and mobile. 

​Chatter Challenge | Event | Thought Leadership | ebook | Case Study | Digital Strategy | Facebook Integration


Speaker | conference "how to get leads from Social Media"

Nominated: UK Social media awards, best social media tool


During a conference, I conducted a live demonstration of the Dashboard Vote, which was a social media tool which integrated with database, showing the audience how to engage with their own customers using a Facebook page which integrated directly with and generated social leads. ​

infographic | Live Demo | Technical Solution | Digital Strategy

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Co-Host | Condeco Webinar series

Bringing together a global team of seven, I created a pilot series of Webinars, which have developed into an ongoing programme. Creating the topics, strategy and framework. it was extremely successful and now this pilot project is being rolled out as a global programme. 


The cost of meeting room no-shows and Retaining employees and attracting new talent with your workplace are first in a series of successful webinars.


Co-Host | Four local wahine talk social media


I was a co-host for the Social Media Panel - Four local wahine talk social media.

Social media is more than just a platform to share your products or services. It’s a place to build relationships, make connections and be social! Hear from four successful local business wāhine about how they have created and grown their successful brands across different social media platforms.

Business Month StrategyLanding page | Video | Event


LinkedIn Workshop | Porirua City Council

Hosted a LinkedIn workshop, focused on helping Porirua City Council leadership team to boost their LinkedIn profile, offering profile photographs and where to find the latest content. I collaborated with LinkedIn Influencer Dale Dupree and LinkedIn employee Lisa Nolan to create personalised messages to the team. Which where a huge success.

LinkedIn Workshop | LinkedIn Influencers | Social Media Made Easy

linkedin 3.jpg

Global LinkedIn workshops | Condeco Software


As part of a global rollout of LinkedIn and Condeco Software, I created and managed a series of workshops across London, Frankfurt, New York, Singapore and Sydney. Workshops were designed to have employees understand the importance of LinkedIn and the benefits for themselves professionally and the business.

Social Media | ebook | Global Workshops  | Company LinkedIn Page 

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Workplace of the future
Think Tank 
| Condeco Software

I hosted a two hour lunch'n'learn session took part in the London office and via video conference with the New York team, focusing on a "Black Mirror" style conversation about the future of the workplace, over the next 5, ten, fifteen and twenty years. With a series of controversial questions put to the team we opened up the conversation on future technology, employee and product trends. This conversation gave me insight into the teams thoughts and processes, and also assisting in developing futurist blog articles.


Change Management Q&A | Condeco Software

I collaborated with change management specialists Jackie Furery and Graham bird from Where Workplace Works to create a Change Management ebook, they then participated in a Q&A panel and discuss stories and insights the London team.

Digital Transformation ebook | Change Management ebook | Infographic | Roundtable | Thought Leadership Q&A Session
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Youth Workshop | FutureVersity


Working with a London based charity FutureVersity, I created and delivered a tailored digital workshop for their student base, aged 16 - 18 years. This was a fun, hands-on and interactive workshop, which introduced the students to LinkedIn and understanding how promoting your profile in a positive and professional manner can play a part in increasing your job hunting and networking skills.

FutureVersity Digital Strategy | Speed Talking | Twitter workshop | Building your Digital Brand | House of Parliament Event

Woman with Computer

Host | virtual social media workshops

DXC - A series of virtual social media workshops and training sessions, available for download. Gave employees from all over the UK to dial into training sessions and workshops focusing on social media. These sessions were also recorded and hosted on the intranet allowing access for all employees.

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Workshop Host | Communicating NZ

Mini Workshop: Effectively utilising budget: Running communication campaigns on a shoestring

  • Stretching budgets to get the best campaign ROI  

  • Thinking creatively – bigger isn’t always better  

  • Making your campaign fun and getting the community involved   

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Speaker | Social Media for Government NZ Summit

Recognition: 2021 Co-speaker Social Media for Government NZ Summit


Invited to speak at the Social Media for Government NZ Summit on our successful Covid-19 social media strategy. We presented how we adjusted our communications in real time to deliver timely and relevant content. How we utilised social media as a means to measure concerns, issues and general sentiment , responded to crisis with agility, adaptability and with a small team.

How we prioritised content and the allocation with limited  resources and demonstrated how we navigated the need for clear and empathetic messaging for sensitive communications  

Event | Social Media | Website | Digital Strategy | Love Local Facebook group | Love Local Database

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Pannelist | Social Media for Government NZ Summit

Invited to be part of a industry panel to discuss "Organic vs paid content strategies"  

  • Is engagement through organic posts a realistic and achievable goal in the new age of online saturation?  

  • Navigating the challenges of engaging your audience through organic and paid posts  

  • Allocating your budget effectively by ensuring you put your money behind the right content

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Co-Host | WorkTech Roundtable


Part of the digital transformation strategy, we teamed up with WorkTech to host a workplace roundtable. I co-hosted with Technical Director John Hilderbrands, an discussed with an audience of workplace industry experts to debate and discuss the future of the workplace. With a focus on digital transformation for a modern workplace.

Digital Transformation ebook | Change Management ebook | Infographic | Roundtable | Thought LeadershipQ&A Session

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Speaker | Pacific Business Trust digital conference

I was invited to be part of the Digital Marketing for Business workshop for Pacific Business Trust and Porirua City Council. This event was held for local business owners in Porirua who wanted guidance on the digital marketing, I led a 30 minute Q&A session on digital marketing practices, focusing on top tips and free digital tools for small business owners to utilise.

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Produced | Workplace Innovation Forum


Workplace Innovation Forum for Condeco was a major success, the live Audience were able to hear from a diverse industry-wide panel of speakers who delved into the key elements that are disrupting and transforming the workplace. The highlight of the event was the live demo of a prototype product, which incorporated Condeco room booking technology and A.I (Alexa) to create a voice activated room booking solution.

EbookEvent | Influencer bloggingThought leadershipPublished articles

social media workshop.jpeg

Social media training | Porirua City Council 


Facebook workshops across Council, Pataka, Porirua Libraries and Te Rauparaha Arena, I put together a practical workshop helping our internal teams to enhance customer service response rate and dealing with trolls and disgruntled customers.

Porirua City Council public social media guidelines | Debate, note Hate video | Workshops

social media workshop global.jpeg

Global social media workshops | DXC 


There was a growing need for employees at DXC to understand the benefits of social media and blogging for business. Working closely with representatives from Linkedin, I created several workshops, which I ran throughout the business tailored specifically for internal departments and industry teams. Workshops where face to face or participants could dial in.

Related blog post: What is the biggest challenge facing social media


Produced | webinar series


Due to customer demand, I created a series of webinars, using expertise within the business to host the episodes. I created a series of webinars with SolX Consulting, hosted by the CEO Gary Smith we discussed technology functionality, with special guests and questions from the online audience.

Chatter Challenge | Event | Thought Leadership | ebook | Case Study | Digital Strategy | Facebook Integration

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 12.12.51.png

Work experience programme | Porirua City Council

Three day work experience programme, working with two students from the local area, we introduced them to social media, strategy and video content creation. 
Working as part of a the communications team at Porirua City Council, you will have the opportunity to work on a range of projects where your input and fresh ideas will be highly valued; including managing day to day running of social media enquiries, engaging with the local community and creating your own social media campaign.

Children's Day | Valentine's Day | ConferenNZ | Waitangi Day | Work Experience | SOLGM Award winning Video
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50 shades of social media | Capella PR

Working with a London based PR agency, I took them through my 50 shades of social media workshop, where we discussed everything from campaigns, organic, paid, audience insights and plugins.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 20.22.38.png

Created | Innovation Forum Panel into a Podcast

The 2nd Workplace Innovation Forum held by Condeco was a major success, hosted at the Courthouse Hotel in Central London the Studio Audience were able to hear from a diverse industry-wide panel of speakers who will delve into the key elements that are disrupting and transforming the workplace as we know it.

  • PODCAST - PANEL: The panel where recorded during their discussion and this content was used as a podcast for customers, clients and partners to refer to on demand.
Navigating social media webinar

Co-Host | LGNZ Webinar

Invited to create the framework and co host a webinar with Daniel Webster, Senior Communications Advisor Local Government from LGNZ.

We discussed "How to build your channels and navigate the choppy seas of social media".

The audience was Councii members from across New Zealand, there was an active Q&A session at the of the webinar. 

Check It out here

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Co-Host | Poopology Podcast

The brainchild of Eve Laws, Poopology Podcast brings together women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a modern warrior woman. Special guests and regular friends .​

  • CO-HOST - Season 1,2 & 5

  • Designed and created the website,, using wix,com. 

  • Created all the social media promotional vides for Poopology, 

  • Created special videos, for Halloween and Easter.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 21.43.40.png

Produced | Generation Z workplace panel

Bringing together a board range of Gen Z'ders (Those born between 1995 and 2015) to gain an understanding of their vision for the future of the office.

This Think Tank was in two sections, the first section was a chance for the Gen Z group to put their questions to the CEO and Head of Product Strategy and design at Condeco. The second section was a one on one discussion with Professor Jeremy Meyson from WorkTech Academy to discuss future trends and predictions from industry experts.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 16.47.45.png

Created | Inclusive Technology presentation, IWFM


Condeco Software Ltd was invited to be a keynote speaker at IWMF (Women In FM) 2019 Annual Conference. I worked closely with Pooman Bharj to develop at thought leadership presentation "Inclusive Technology".

Developing a technology-based presentation discussing why and how technology in the workplace should be inclusive. This 20-minute presentation, used examples of existing inclusive technology and included interaction participation with voting cards for the audience.

Event presentation "Inclusive Technology" | Social Media | Thought Leadership | Digital Strategy


Speaker | Tips & Tricks to lift your LinkedIn Game

I hosted a LinkedIn Workshop for local businesses. On how to maximise your LinkedIn profile, a 60-minute workshop using two LinkedIn Influencers. 

This workshop covered, How to create a professional profile and how to build your business connections. Tips on how to effectively share content and engage with those you connect, the benefits around LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn’s very own blogging platform. And Professional headshot taken with our photographer (this will take place after the workshop)

LinkedIn Workshop | LinkedIn Influencers | Social Media Made Easy


Social media youth workshop | Houses of Parliament


Working with London based youth charity FutureVersity, with special guest Minister for Youth, I co-hosted a social media workshop for the youth, focused on their personal brand and how to keep safe online. Including special guest The Minister of State for Children and Families and CEO of FutureVersity.


FutureVersity Strategy | Speed Talking | Twitter workshop | Building your Digital Brand | Houses of Parliament 

website training.png

Website training workshops | Porirua City Council


Teaming up with Porirua City Council IT department, we put together a series of website training sessions to ensure all end users of the website are up skilled and clear on best practice. I worked with the web developer to create a fun interactive session.

Pop Up Banner | Automated Pricing | CTA's and downloads | Website Training | 3-Factor | Cloud document storage | Webchat | Live streamed Council meetings | QR Code experience

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Speed talking workshops | FutureVersity


Invited by FutureVersity to speak at a "Speed Dating" event, focused on inspirational speakers discussing with FutureVersity participants, on workplace passions. I discussed by passion for digital marketing and social media, how this career path came about and why I feel it's a growing industry. We took questions from the audience, who where engaged and interested in future careers in marketing.

FutureVersity Digital Strategy | Speed Talking | Twitter workshop | Building your Digital Brand | House of Parliament Event

Throwing Caps

Graduate think tank | DXC

With the rise of 18 - 24-year-olds using closed networking apps, I created a functional think tank session to solve the issue of internal communication options within a global technology firm. We discussed the use of Email in the Workplace and the possibilities of alternatives.


Related blog post "Pow, the Power of Powtoon" to find out more.

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Twitter workshop | FutureVersity


Successful Twitter workshop for FutureVersity, focusing on Twitter to generate traffic to their website, build their company presence and generate more business leads. Covered "Understanding Twitter #BecomeATweeter" a one-hour workshop focusing on: Effective profiles, Understanding Twitter lingo, How to create a tweet, Hashtags, Building a following, Creating industry specific campaigns.

FutureVersity Digital Strategy | Speed Talking | Twitter workshop | Building your Digital Brand | House of Parliament Event

Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 20.05.42.png

Porirua City Council live-steaming meetings

Working closely with the Democratic services team, I complemented the live-streaming technology by ensuring the Council's YouTube page had a dedicated channel and was compatible with the website, making the customer journey easy and simple for local residents of the city to tune in and live-stream council meetings.


Managed | technical hub training videos

A range of explainer videos using in-house technical knowledge base. These videos were used as an employee engagement tool to encourage the workforce to have a more in-depth and technical understanding of products. Hosted on the internal intranet, employees are able to share specific videos with customers or use them as in-house training material to understand the more technical aspects of the product.

socia media PCC
Change Management
Linkedin Workshops - Coneco
LinkedIn Leadership Team
speed talking, futurverity
Twitte workshop - Futureversity
Youth Workshop, digital brand - futureversity
Work experience
website training - PCC
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