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Porirua City Council - website training sessions

Teaming up with Porirua City Council IT department, we put together a series of website training sessions to ensure all end users of the website are up skilled all users, who had to complete a series of training sessions before access will be granted to the website.

Global LinkedIn training workshops

As part of a global rollout of LinkedIn and Condeco Software, I created and managed a series of workshops across London, Frankfurt, New York, Singapore and Sydney. These training workshops were designed to have employees understand the importance of LinkedIn and the benefits for themselves professionally and the business. I ran workshops face to face in London and New York, and online with Frankfurt, Singapore and Sydney.

Global social media workshops

There was a growing need for employees at CSC to understand the benefits of social media and blogging for business. Working closely with representatives from Linkedin, I created several workshops, which I ran throughout the business tailored specifically for internal departments and industry teams.

All workshops where either face to face or participants could dial in. Workshops available to all employees were accessible on the company intranet.

Youth Workshops - speed talking with FutureVersity

I was invited by FutureVersity to speak at a "Speed Dating" event, which was focused on inspirational speakers discussing with FutureVersity participants, on workplace passions. I discussed by passion for digital marketing and social media, how this career path came about and why I feel it's a growing industry. We took questions from the audience, who where engaged and interested in future careers in marketing.

Workplace of the future - Think Tank

I hosted a two hour lunch'n'learn session took part in the London office and via video conference with the New York team, focusing on a "Black Mirror" style conversation about the future of the workplace, over the next 5, ten, fifteen and twenty years. With a series of controversial questions put to the team we opened up the conversation on future technology, employee and product trends. This conversation gave me insight into the teams thoughts and processes, and also assisting in developing futurist blog articles.

Graduate think tank

There has always been talk of a paperless office, in fact, that idea has been doing the rounds for over 20 years.
As old equipment has been replaced with funky new technology, shouldn't we have a better solution other than email? With this in mind and the rise of 18 - 24-year-olds using closed networking apps, I created a functional think tank session to solve the issue of internal communication options within a global technology firm.

At this Think Tank discussion, we discussed the use of Email in the Workplace and the possibilities of alternatives.

I created a short animated video pre the Think Tank as a teaser, this was created in a digital platform called PowToon. Read "Pow, the Power of Powtoon" to find out more.

Change Management Q&A

We invited change management specialists and co-authors Jackie Furery and Graham bird from Where Workplace Works to participate in a Q&A panel and discuss stories and insights the London team.

2020 work experience programme

Three day work experience programme, working with two students from the local area, we introduced them to social media, strategy and video content creation. Working as part of a the communications team at Porirua City Council, you will have the opportunity to work on a range of projects where your input and fresh ideas will be highly valued; including managing day to day running of social media enquiries, engaging with the local community and creating your own social media campaign.

FutureVersity twitter workshop

A successful Twitter workshop for employees at FutureVersity, focusing on using Twitter to generate traffic to their website, build their company presence and to generate more business leads.

We covered "Understanding Twitter #BecomeATweeter" which was a one-hour workshop focusing on:

Effective profiles, Understanding Twitter lingo, How to create a tweet, Hashtags, Building a following, Creating industry specific campaigns

UK LinkedIn Workshops

As part of the social media and digital internal campaign, I created tailored LinkedIn workshops to be rolled out across the UK team. 

Setting up a plan of LinkedIn workshops across one day in the London HQ office, each department spent one hour going through the LinkedIn session,
I also provided a professional photographer during the day to take LinkedIn profile headshots for each employee, regardless of whether they participated in the workshop or not. It was a fun and engaging day, where the team were able to join interactive workshops.

Youth Workshop - building your digital brand

Working with a London based charity FutureVersity, I created and delivered a tailored digital workshop for their student base, aged 16 - 18 years. This was a fun, hands-on and interactive workshop, which introduced the students to LinkedIn and understanding how promoting your profile in a positive and professional manner can play a part in increasing your job hunting and networking skills.

The workshop focused on an introduction to LinkedIn and how this differs to other social networking sites. There was a strong emphasis on profile photographs, headlines, bio's, skill set and understanding power of networking. We also focused on content sharing and how to do this appropriately on a business networking site with a few examples of 'epic fails' which the students enjoyed.

50 shades of social media

Working with a London based PR agency, I took them through my 50 shades of social media workshop, where we discussed everything from campaigns, organic, paid, audience insights and plugins.

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