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Images are paramount when engaging with any audience, allowing your followers to consume information in bite size pieces. Infographics can be your secret weapon, by using them you’ll be able to deliver ideas, thoughts, stories and marketing messages in a way your audience will find visually appealing.

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The Global Workplace

One of the most popular thought leadership articles at Condeco was "Different Countries, Different Work Cultures". To refresh this topic for 2019 I created this infographic using data collated from the 2019/20 Modern Research Report, with a highlight on the differences and similarities between workplaces across the globe. This infographic explores the differences within the global workplace, from productivity and work/life balance to collaboration and meeting room etiquette.

See the infographic here:

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Video Meetings

Video conferencing has revolutionised the way we connect, becoming increasingly relevant as a tool for most modern-day businesses.Successful video integrations are a key step in joining the modernised workspace of today. While traditional audio conferencing can still be a useful tool in the right circumstances, the future is to be in video.

See the infographic here:

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How to organise a successful meeting

Taking advantage of the most popular blog "6 simple steps to organising a successful meeting" I turned this content into a helpful step by step infographic. Turning into a regular customer favourite, simple, but effective infographic. Thought leadership articles were created to support this infographic. Text and image CTA's where created for relevant blog posts to drive traffic towards the infographic, including Slide Share presentations.

See the infographic here:

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Global smart buildings

As part of the global content plan focusing on smart buildings, I create a series of assets on the future of smart buildings, including an infographic, blogs and a video. Thought leadership articles were created to support this infographic, authored by Conseco's Smart Building expert.

See the infographic here:

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Do you know your workspaces from your workplaces

I created a handy guide outlining the differences between workplace industry names and themes, starting with workspaces and workplaces. This infographic explains the difference between workspaces and workplaces, driving home the key point that the ideal modern working environment is about much more than where people work – it’s about how they work, too. You’ll also learn how technology can support and improve both types of environment.

See the infographic here:

Shopping Trip 1.png

Shopping trip to Otaki

A story which highlights a girls shopping trip to Otaki, a small town in New Zealand with outlet shopping, created with photographs which have been turned into cartoons.


Halloween Infographic

I love a good infographic and think they are the perfect online asset to display almost any story. I created this infographic using a free online tool called, this tongue 'n' cheek story showcasing Halloween villains and how to 'kill them'. From Pennywise to witches, to the classic ghosts. I drew these characters myself and uploaded them to

To see this infographic in all it's glory, head over to the Otaki Zilchoo blog:

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The New Zealand flag

There is plenty of discussion about New Zealand's current flag, and whether you love the flag or want a new look, it's important to take a look back at the history of the current flag and consider all the facts before making a decision.


Originally Published on Otaki Zilchoo blogging platform

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IoT in Retail

IoT in Retail Event 

This event brought together senior executives from the Retail industry, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Heads of Change and Transformation Innovators of IoT in Retail from leading UK, EU and US retail brands.


New Zealand Native Birds

This was made with a free online tool called

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Personal bio Infographic

Workplace and technology expert Sunita Pachova reached out to me to help her create a tailored infographic resume to enhance her online profile. After initial discussions with Sunita, I designed a simple and effective graphic which highlighted her key attributes: her fun and light-hearted nature, determination & drive and her professionalism. Sunita gave me free rein in terms of design and colour. After research, I felt orange, (or as we nicknamed it ‘sassy citrus’) reflected her bright and vibrant nature perfectly. 


Technical and social media infographic

This was made with a free online tool called


New Zealand Slang 

This was made with a free online tool called