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Top Tips for smashing your LinkedIn Recommendations

One of LinkedIn’s functionalities which is underused is the Recommendation option.

A recommendation requires either you or another LinkedIn member to write a few short paragraphs about someone, rather than just clicking the endorsement buttons, using this option is more of a thought process and in the end has more of an impact. Linkedin have ensured there are a few safeguards around Recommendations, and you have the ability to accept the recommendation, or if you prefer, slightly edit/tweak the content.

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Writing Recommendations

If you have been asked to write a recommendation, remember the choice is yours, only write a recommendation for someone you have worked with, know well and you feel you want to publicly recommend, because it’s your name which will be seen by other Linkedin members.

OMG What Do I Write?

If you are suffering from writer's block, there are a few tips you can use to create an awesome recommendation. Start with a small description of how and when you know each other. Next, talk about how their contribution to the team / project helped, and then consider ending with a good personal example of how or why you enjoyed working together. If you are still struggling, check out this website for a bit of cheat sheet, Computer generated Linkedin Recommendations.

Here’s an example of a Recommendation I wrote for a colleague:

Asking for Recommendations