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Increased activity = increased profile views

I love statistics, it's always exciting to log in and check out what's been happening with your online presence. Statistics generally give you great insight into how successful your blog, website or social media engagements are progressing. And, just like any good social media site,

Linkedin offers you the chance to review your own personal statistics. If you have a premium account you'll receive more detailed statistics, but even if you have a standard account, the statistics available can offer you great insight into your engagement Level. From Who’s viewing your profile, your posts and how you rank among your connections.

Who’s Viewed your Profile

Reviewing this tab I can look at the graph and use the statistics to monitor my activity v how many people have viewed my profile. Some weeks are more successful than others, and it's no surprise the more I do, the more views I receive. The type of activity which will increase more profile views are:

  1. Adding connections

  2. Reviewing other members profiles

  3. Posting updates

  4. Liking, Sharing and Commenting on other Linkedin members posts

  5. Joining and participating in groups

  6. Writing Pulse Articles

During the period of April 18 - April 24 2016, I used Linkedin more than the other days of the week, and this of course generated more views, it's a bit of a no brainer, I need to increase my activity to increase my profile views.

The more I do, the more people will view my profile, yay! This results in my name travelling across my extended Network and increasing my engagement level, other members looking at my profile and potentially connecting with me.

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