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Children v Colleagues - What Is The Best Excuse You've Ever Heard?

Managing a team of people is always a challenge, many different personalities mixing together under one roof, it can be fantastic or at times can give you a headache. Having children is not much different, I have three boys, and manage their expectations and behaviour on a daily basis.

Having children has taught me Compassion, Time Management, Negotiating skills, Conflict Management, Multi-tasking and overall life skills, which I have easily converted into a working environment. When it comes to managing deadlines, children, just like our colleagues can be very creative with their excuses or, "reasons" for not delivering their project on time.

Typical excuses from my children:

  • I'm too tried

  • I can't walk that far

  • My hands aren't working

  • I cut my finger and need a band-aid

  • It's too dark

  • The sun is too shiny

  • My tummy is full up to here (pointing to his forehead)

  • My friend John said that I didn't have to do it

  • I'd like to decide what happens to me today

  • Teddy needs a cuddle so I must help him

Excuses I've received from Team Members

  • I ate bad sushi and have food poisoning

  • The Boiler has broken waiting for a repairman to turn up

  • What project? <