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15 Female Digital Influencers on Twitter

There are millions of people to follow on twitter, and finding those people who interest you can be a tricky task, I'm interested in Social Media and social strategy,

Digital Marketing, Online Tools, Technology (Specifically CRM tools), marketing automation and content creation, and have worked hard to find people who interest me. To make things easier for you, I've put together a list of my favourite female digital influencers for 2016. These women range from CRM specialists, bloggers, retail experts, digital disrupters, Content creators and Social Media experts. Subscribe to list on Twitter here.

Yael Peer @YaelAPeer

Yael, based in Israel is a Social Media Manager @ironSource, she's a data enthusiast, astrophysicist wannabe & a not-so-closeted #trekkie. She tweets about Social Media and Digital Marketing and is an avid blogger.

Chrisitana Petrou @cpetrou_89

London-based Chrisitana represents Retail & Consumer Industry Consulting at CSC, she tweets about Retail, Digital Disruption, and business transformation, it's also worth checking out her thought leadership on Linkedin.

Kat Mandelstein @katmandelstein

London-based American Kat works at PWC, she is a self-proclaimed Digital Native and Global Citizen, Kat tweets about Digital Marketing, Mobile and Digital disruptions.

Webly Alfred @WeblyAlfred

Webly, American basedTechy Web Designer & Social Media Strategist. She loves helping female entrepreneurs. HerTweets are social media based with a twist of positive self-help advice.