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36 Days of Type to design

Have you heard of 36 Days of Type to design?

A cool project which challenges illustrators, designers, and graphic artists to design individual letters and numbers each day over a 36 day period. The results, a huge selection of awesome numbers and fonts, which have now be turned into a super cool font generator, which randomly generates different fonts. It's really simple to use, all you do is type in a phrase and super cool individual fonts and/or numbers are generated. Hover over each font and it will give you the name of the designer or if you want to change the design, click to switch and another design is randomly generated. To find out more about the individual designers, click on their profile name and you'll be magically transported through the internet to Instagram where you can share the love.

Check out the website and give it a go yourself. Be sure to read the information page, as all the character graphics are property of their respective owner and are not be used commercially.

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