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10 of the most FUN and QUIRKY Twitter Handles

Creating your social identity is vital to ensuring your social media presence will rock

With over 310 million active users on Twitter, creating a stand out Twitter handle can be a tricky process, I’ve gone for a fairly standard twitter handle @ClaireMRoper, but every now and then you come across a pretty cool twitter name, these range from being a little bit cheeky, a pun relating to the business or something totally random.

I say, well done to all those twitter users who are creative, fun and quirky and have totally gone for it and created a Twitter handle which is out there!

10 of the most FUN and QUIRKY Twitter Handles; Claire M Roper

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Some businesses have fun and interesting names, which result in pretty awesome twitter handles, such as @WineWankers and @GetFlockler.

This list is all about the Individual, those people who have found their inner creative spirit and cleverness (is that a word?) and created a cool, cute, random or quirky personal twitter handle.

Here is a list of my favourite fun and quirky Twitter names…


CEO at the Creation Agency, Jason has gone for a clever rhyming pun

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