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10 of the most FUN and QUIRKY Twitter Handles

Creating your social identity is vital to ensuring your social media presence will rock

With over 310 million active users on Twitter, creating a stand out Twitter handle can be a tricky process, I’ve gone for a fairly standard twitter handle @ClaireMRoper, but every now and then you come across a pretty cool twitter name, these range from being a little bit cheeky, a pun relating to the business or something totally random.

I say, well done to all those twitter users who are creative, fun and quirky and have totally gone for it and created a Twitter handle which is out there!

10 of the most FUN and QUIRKY Twitter Handles; Claire M Roper

Some businesses have fun and interesting names, which result in pretty awesome twitter handles, such as @WineWankers and @GetFlockler.

This list is all about the Individual, those people who have found their inner creative spirit and cleverness (is that a word?) and created a cool, cute, random or quirky personal twitter handle.

Here is a list of my favourite fun and quirky Twitter names…

CEO at the Creation Agency, Jason has gone for a clever rhyming pun

"All things Sales, Marketing, Digital and Social Media. Also love Tech, SaaS and my i3. Free Getting Started with Social Webinars:"


Sylvia is based in Sydney, so it’s no wonder she’s gone for this twitter handle #Sunshine

"#Australia's Rising Soci@l Star 2016 Finalist. Join me for cool #travelpics, great #quotes, inspiring reads on #life,#health & #positivity and delish #recipes"


I don’t know the history behind this twitter handle, but I like it!

"Writing on business, marketing, and productivity, while otherwise tweeting about beer, (Baylor) football, or nonsense. Inspirational icon. Or not."


Ella is a Salesforce and Cloud expert and this cute twitter handle sits perfectly with her industry and personal brand.

"All about engagement at makepositive. Likes hats. Dislikes beanbags."


Oh, the controversy of Martine, love or hate it? All I know is I love this Twitter handle.

"Free thinking; Dad; Husband; Optimist; Laughs; New Business Rainmaker, Media Technology; Learn new things. All opinions here are mine."


I love the regal element to this Twitter name #YourMadgesty

"Director of Exec Engagement at CSC a leading global IT Services company. I love my daxi Mabel, tulips & Britannia."


It's pretty clear what this twitter feed is all about, a great name with very funny tweets!

"I am a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma……….sat on the sofa, in my underwear, eating cheese"


One of my favourite female comedians, Katherine Ryan’s twitter handle is fun and a little bit quirky.

"I make comedy very very well or very very poorly depending on whom you ask. My life is my message - Gandhi via Matthew McConaughey"


Very neat play on words from Australian blogger Indi Tansey

"Life is a festival. I build magnetic communities @QUTCEA Storyteller + Founder + Blogger + Cyclist + Artist"


London-based Eola, loves the colour purple and cycling and has mashed these together to create PurpleSpokes

"A keen cyclist and all things sporty. Putting a spoke in the wheel. Sharing my ideas and interests."

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