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How to stay focused at work when your Pregnant

I'm a Mum of two boys, and 34 weeks pregnant with my third child

I'm having another boy, so I'll be totally outnumbered at home! Staying focused at work when your pregnant can be a trying time, in the First trimester it can difficult to keep your excitment under check before making your official announcement, and if you suffer from morning sickness it can be even more difficult, with those frequent trips to the bathroom or just wanting to put your feet up!

In the Second and Third Trimester, tiredness can settle in and baby brain can have a major effect on your working day. Here's an article in the The Daily Telegraph you may find interesting "Baby Brain really does exist"

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I've put together a few tips I used to keep myself comfortable, motivated and focused at work while I was pregnant.

Travel outside peak hour

Depending on your job, this may or may not be possible, but I found travelling from 9.15am onwards was always a much more pleasent journey. Have a chat with your employer.

Baby on Board badge from TFL

I loved my badge and not only used it on public transport, but would pin it to my suit jacket or blouse while in the office. It wasn't about attention grabbing, it was more to let people know I'm pregnant and to avoid those akward glances. Order your badge

Comfy Clothes and Shoes

Invest in super comfy maternity clothes and shoes, these will be a life saver especially if you are office based. And as your baby belly (and sometimes your feet) get bigger and bigger you'll want to feel comfortable in loose and light clothing.