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Netflix and Chill - a customer journey

I'm just a little bit obsessed with Netflix. The pure ease of the service makes it perfect for my life, and I'm not the only one, with increased subscription rates, Netflix are dominating the TV viewing space. This type of television viewing means I can watch television when I want.

As a busy mother of three and working full time, I don't always have the luxury of watching TV, Netflix gives me the ability to watch my favourite shows on my own schedule.

Netflix and Chill, a customer journey. Claire M Roper

Netflix Currently Has Over 93 Million Members - TWEET THIS STAT

The Customer journey is important to all of us, how a product or service functions and operates to make our consumption easier and less messy, is vital to ensuring your survival in this fast paced digital world.

Netflix Saves Its Subscribers From 160 Hours Worth Of Commercials Each Year - TWEET THIS STAT

Netflix gives us what we want, when we want it, how we want it and even if you didn't know you wanted it, you want it. On demand viewing with absolutely no commercials is a huge draw card. It's now the norm and customers except to be offered an array of viewing Which is bang on trend, and Netflix is delivering.

57% Of Subscribers Said Netflix’s Original Content Was The Reason They Signed Up - TWEET THIS STAT

They totally understand what there customer needs and have moved with all the current trends to be ahead of curve. Providing the viewer with engaging, entertaining and thought provoking programming. Take "Making a Murderer", after just 35 days of its realease,19.5 million people had viewed the series.

Netflix Had 5 Out Of 10 Of The Most Searched TV Shows In 2016 - TWEET THIS STAT

Netflix have taken our love for television, removed our annoyance of commercials and introduced Binge Watching. I for one will be watching with interest and excitement as Netflix grows in the future.

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