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One way to create employee engagement on Instagram

I wanted to create a fun and interactive organic Instagram campaign to encourage employee engagement across regional offices. We used Twitter and Instagram to post fun and engaging photos of employees, using "post-it notes" with inspirational quotes.

It was a very cost effective campaign, by printing out the quotes onto an A3 paper and grabbing the good old guillotine to cut them into "post-it" notes. Add a bit of double sided tape and what do you know, hand-made post-it notes designed for an engagement campaign.

Employee engagement

I love a good stat for highlighting my point, and according to the Marketing Advisory Network, messages shared by employees on social media have 561% further reach than the same messages shared by brands.

I've always said "If your employees can't be bothered to share your content, then why would customers?". And to get employees engaged with your content doesn't happen overnight, they want to care, be interested in what your saying and feel part of the team. Which is why I always start with engaging employees first with fun and lighthearted campaigns.

And just to drive home the point, here's a couple more stats; research report from Hinge Marketing said 87.2% of employees surveyed said employee advocacy expanded their professional network, while 76% said it helps them keep up with industry trends.

Employees chose which quote they wanted to use and they also got into the spirit of things and created fun photos to share on social. Even those who didn't want to show their face, where able to take part.

Creating the posts on social

On Twitter each quote included a link to a Thought Leadership article on CSC's blogging platform, which was related to the quote. Instagram included a top tip or information about business solutions. Teams where keen to be involved and see how many quotes they could post on instagram and it created an amusing inter-office banter.


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