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If you don't ask you don't get, Collaboration at it's finest

Creating content for Otaki Zilchoo Website and Blog takes a lot of imagination, effort and time, but I can't take all the credit, there are several local townspeople who are amazingly supportive and always contribute top notch content, which help makes Otaki Zilchoo such a collaborative success.

One of those people is Simon Neale, a local resident and family man in Otaki, his contribution is Threads, hosted on Otaki Zilchoo Threads is a Photographic journey of Otaki and the local community, which explore the lives of the extraordinary local people, the festivals, family events and historical locations.

All the stories and photographs are produced by Simon, who does an amazing job.

Meeting Simon

I first came into contact with Simon through my old friend,, he was a member of the same Group as me, "Sunny Otaki" a forum on Facebook, yep you guessed it, about Otaki. He had posted a comment wanting to know who to contact at the local Theatre Group as he wanted to take some photographs behind the scenes. I dropped him an email, I wasn't able to assist with the local Theatre Group, but wanted to know if he would be interested in Collaborating with me.

Along story short, or a short story even shorter, as we are both very like-minded people he was very happy to come on board. To date, Simon has contributed six Photographic stories (with plenty more stories on the go), all of which have been positively received by the local community. Simon and I continue to collaborate on themes and ideas, we are both thrilled with the results of his blog entries, view his valued contributions.

You can't go wrong when it comes to collaborating with like-minded peers. It's a fantastic way of spreading your workload, creating content (perhaps ideas you didn't even think of) and widening your fan base. I will always look to collaborate with other people, it's the way forward when it comes to Social Media and blogging!


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