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Light and Fluffy or Insightful and Informative

Thought leadership can be hard to get right. I believe every article needs to be insightful, helpful and inline with your industry. Becoming a thought leader within your industry takes time and dedication, as well as ensuring you have an excellent schedule of content.

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Light and Fluffy

One of the worse things you can do is a business is write thought Leadership which barely scrapes the sides, articles which have no impact or even a point to them. Think of thought leadership as a conversation you’d have with your peers, you are authentic and honest and have a point of view on a topic. Your readers should walk away feeling a level of emotion, from laughter, humour, agreement, or disagreement. But never, ever boredom or worse, just plain old forgetting the blog even existed!

94% B2B buyers poor content lowers their opinion of the firm - Bloomgroup

How do you do this? It’s not as difficult as it sounds, here are my top tips for starting an effective thought leadership programme:

ONE: Become the Go-To Place for your Industry

To be impactful aim to become the “go to” place for all insight on your industry. For example, a washing machine manufacturing business, Washing Machine Inc, becomes the go to place for everything to do with fabric, washing machines, clothes and the environment, with thought leadership subjects such as: Tips and tricks on washing whites, Cleaning your machine, Old wife’s tales v the truth and Honey I shrunk the tshirt - Washing fails.

The list goes on, thought leadership is not about your product or service, it’s about the experience you provide to your customers, from when the customer begins their research, during purchasing and aftercare. Keep your customers informed with insightful and helpful Information.

81% “said thought leadership has increased their trust in a vendor organisation” - B2C Marketing