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Snaps for SnapWidget

Are you using SnapWidget? No? Well, get snapping! This is a fabulous online tool, which I use on my own website, essentially it's a great way to display images from Instagram and Twitter using either a #Hashtag or your Instagram Account. Simply copy and paste the generated HTML Code into your website and you are done.

Very cool, just what I need to ensure I have a relevant stream of live photographs. It's super easy to use and add's another user dimension to your website, this is especially helpful as I manage to two websites in two very different locations and I don't have the resources to take photographs. This way, not only is the image displaying current, it's also a professional and snappy way to update my individual web pages.

I love SnapWidget

Otaki Zilchoo focuses on free things to see and do in London and Otaki. Otaki is a small town on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand, as I'm currently living in London, SnapWidget has now become my BFF. The ethos of Otaki zilchoo is free things to see and do, so I choose to use the free service of SnapWidget, there is ProWidget which offers you more selection and choices when customising your SnapWidget. SnapWidget automatically takes the latest photos from my selected hashtag or your Account, every 30 minutes. This means I only have to generate my widget once because all my updates automatic - no messing around uploading any new photographs, genius!

The Scrolling Bar

Using the free service you are provided with a fantastic range of options, one of my favourites is the 'Scrolling bar'. #LondonBridge

The Board

And, I'm also partial to the 'Board', which allows me to use several or if I feel like it, just one image. #OtakiBeach

If you haven't already, taking advantage of this snappy little tool will energise your website and give your viewers a chance to engage with you through Instagram and see their photos online. #SnapsForSnapWidget


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