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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On URL Shorteners

There are many options available for you to shorten your links online. Ranging in functionality from link bookmarking, analytics tools, and QR creation. Check out the following six URL shortening websites and Apps to get you started with shortening those URLS.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on URL Shorteners, Claire M Roper

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Popular URL shortening website, with the functionality to shorten your links, and measure the results with the inbuilt analytics function. There is also a cool mobile optimisation functionality available. Check it out or download the App

Simple and easy to use, google's own URL shortener with the obvious shortening functionality and a fairly detailed analytics page it's easy to use and does the job. Find out more or download the App

Quite a simple user face, with a bit of advertising on the homepage, but it still does the job and shortens your URL, there is also a redirection option which is pretty handy, however there are no analytics available. Visit