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To GIF or not to GIF

We've all seen GIF files floating about on the internet. Some are a bit silly, but others like the American Apparel Sheer Nail Lacquer Campaign are perfect example of combining social media and gif files. I’m a huge fan and used well they can be pretty cool. I recently created a series of Gif files World Hello Day, with help from my children, cousins, my girlfriends and the School Run Mums!

To GIF or not to GIF, Claire M Roper

Supporting Animated GIF files

Facebook don’t support GIF files, but don't worry for Facebook you can easily turn your GIF into a Video (Using Twitter support GIFs, they appear in your timeline with a play button. Google+ allows you to embed animated GIFs in the stream and also use one for your profile picture.

Creating an Animated GIF File

Creating the GIF files is extremely easy, there are several online tools you can use to create your Animated GIF file, my preference is With a simple control panel, which enabled me to adjust the size and speed of each image.

And here are the finished results...


Untitled design.png

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