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To recommend or not to recommend?

LinkedIn offers many great functionalities and one of those is Recommendations. An important part of LinkedIn, recommendations should be treated with professionalism. I've often been asked about this function so I've put together some Handy FAQ's.

To recommend or not to recommend? Claire M Roper

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Asking for a Recommendation

Always speak to the person first, face to face (or email) before asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn, it's polite and courteous, also, the person you ask may not be a frequent user of LinkedIn and might not realise you have requested a Recommendation.

Who should I ask for a Recommendation?

Ensure you ask someone who has worked closely with you, but before you ask your boss at your current job, think about perhaps asking your colleague, supplier, partner or customer. It's always interesting to have a variety of people to ensure you get a rounded description and overview of who you are.

What if I don't want to give someone a Recommendation?

The choice is your wether you want to give a Recommendation. Being asked to give a recommendation is exactly the same as being asked to be a reference on a job application. But, If you feel you can't decline, keep your recommendation very general or perhaps talk specifically about a project, always stick to the facts.

Although LinkedIn isn't a legally binding document, you are publicly putting your name to what is technically a reference. So be careful.

How do I write a recommendation?