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Twin Strangers finding your Doppleganger

Yesterday I was scrolling through my facebook feed and came across an article one of my friends had commented on, Twin Strangers, "Two Identical strangers meet their doppleganger through Twin Strangers Project". Curious, absolutley, so I read the article. It was very interesting and just a little bit weird to find to complete strangers who looked so much alike, almost identical.

When you think about how many different facial combinations we can have, surely there are only so many before we start 'repeating' the pattern.

My Family Tree

I have quite a few cousins and we all have an family 'look', as you can see from my mini family tree below. But we are related, could there be someone out there that looks like me? So, I've taken the challenge and I've signed up to the website Twin Stranger, and trying to find my identicial match. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted. Oh and if your interested in reading the article, check it out here


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