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Workplace Innovation and the HoloLens

Last night I attended a networking event hosted by the team at Teknion, "Technology Innovations in the Workplace". We were treated to a presentation by Mike Adams from Vega, discussing how technology, design, architecture and furniture can combine to create a harmonious workplace.

This event highlighted innovative and exciting technology which together can make our workplace and most importantly our meeting rooms more productive and engaging.

Transparent LED glass panels

With examples from a Candian retailer using this technology to display their product or a building in China completely covered in the panels turning it into a 3D light show.

Invisible Technology

For meeting rooms with Video Conferencing, microphone roof tiles are available, which removes all the wires from the meeting room table and allows you to move the furniture around the room for all meeting layouts.

The simplicity of the tiles being used in the Workplace and in particular meeting rooms, adds a touch of light and brings a little bit of nature inside.

Bringing HoloLens and Workplace Design together

I was lucky enough to be able to try a prototype design by Start-Up Kazendi, a HoloLens which allows the user to select and place furniture around the workplace, creating a completely different user experience for office design.

Putting on the headset it was light weight with an adjustable head band. The user interface was super simple with a drop and drag functionality and by turning to a flat surface I was able to choose my next product from the menu.

The user interface on the Hololens was super simple with a drop and drag functionality.

It's a similar user experience to Virtual Reality, however with HoloLens I was still able to see other people, furniture and the structure of the room. The cousin to Virtual Reality, you simply put on the glasses and are transported to an alternate space.

I'm looking forward to see what will happen with this technology and the advances it can make in meeting room and workplace design.


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