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Who Said That?

Most people like a quote, I myself enjoy a good inspirational or motivational quote. They are a great way to get people thinking and create inspiration, add a little spice to your blog or another way to create engagement on social media.

There are many, many people you can quote, film stars, politicians, business professionals, pop stars, the list goes on! I've read several blog posts recently with quotes from Donald Trump, and whether the quotes where included to generate clicks or the author did actually like what 'The Don' had to say, I'm not sure.

But what I did find interesting, as I always do are the comments section, and the over whelming conesus was accusing the author of writing a blog just to generate clicks, or another name for this process is called 'Click Bait'.

Say What?

Quotes are very subjective and personal, some will hit the spot and others will make you laugh, but when it comes to marketing tactics and using quotes, you want to ensure the quote is a good one, but also make sure the person who said it, isn't a war criminal, evil dictator or a hated public figure, because even though the quote sounds inspirational what is the true meaning behind it and what was the individuals motivation?

What is the true meaning of the quote?

When writing this blog post I took a look at a selection of quotes from famous and infamous people, (alive and dead) and just because on the surface the quotes sounded good, you do need to take a little consideration to the actual meaning behind the quote, and when and where it was said can completely change the overall context. Focusing on this quote..."There are things one must do for oneself"

This quote is taken from a speech by Robert Mugable, in which he told told state radio:

"I have died many times. I have actually beaten Jesus Christ because he only died once." Mr Mugabe said that his longevity was a result of 5am starts as well as abstinence from alcohol and tobacco and eating a balanced diet. "There are things one must do for oneself. Don't drink at all, don't smoke, you must exercise and eat vegetables and fruit," In the interviews he said that he was "fit as a fiddle" and "At this age, I can still go some distance, can't I?"


On the surface, this quote sounded pretty good, in a world where the media is focused on celebrities and VIP's taking some time out and investing or empowering yourself is excellent idea I'm all for this. But when you find out the context and who said, it completely changes the meaning.


Always be careful when you are looking for quotes on the Internet, as a lot of people are often mis-quoted and over the years, the misquote becomes more popular than the original. Research your source and don't just take it on face value the quote is correct.

Misquote: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Disney’s animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), the wicked Queen said: Magic Mirror on the Wall, who is the Fairest one of all?

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