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Hangover Day - 1st January

There is a National Day for just about everything!

And wouldn't you know it, Hangover Day is the 1st January. After all the New Year's parties and celebrations are over, you can celebrate by nursing your hangover on National Hangover Day. Where on earth did Hangover Day get started? A group of friends topic of conversation was National Days.

From this conversation was born, 'National Hangover Day', legend has it two of those friends Keegan Calliger and Marlo Anderson both stood and yelled simultaneously National Hangover Day shall be the 1st of January. Submitted in October 2015 and approved by the registrar of National Day Calendar we are now forever able to celebrate Hangover Day!

Algorithm to Identify Drunk Tweets

Did you know there is a Machine-Learning Algorithm which can identify Tweets Sent Under the Influence of Alcohol!

"Sending your ex-partner a teary-eyed tweet at 1 a.m. after a bottle of chardonnay isn’t necessarily the best of way of achieving reconciliation. We all know that alcohol and tweeting is not always a good combination..." via MIT

Celebrity Drunk Tweets

"Adele was banned from sending her own tweets as she used to post on Twitter when drunk, she has 24 million followers and reveals her tweets are now checked before they go live because she nearly landed herself in trouble for drunk-tweeting..." via The Telegraph

My Favourite Tweets

Of course to ensure National Hangover Day can actually be celebrated, you need well to have a few drinks, and in the spirit of National Hangover Day here are a few drunk tweets.

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