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Is it on trend to be a Social Media Hater?

I've noticed a recent trend; blog articles claiming social media is a waste of time

Stating we should all switch off or delete our accounts. Then, as it would turn out, these articles are published on social media, such as LinkedIn Pulse, tweeted or shared on Facebook. Go figure, all these people claiming social media is a waste of time, yet need these platforms to push out their own content.

I recently read an article on Linkedin, "Is Social Media a waste of time" which the author concluded social media was intact a waste of time, at the time same publishing the article on LinkedIn Pusle (Linkedin's very own internal blogging platform) as well as asking all his readers to share on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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So I left a comment: "Interesting this article is published on social media and the author also encourages all readers to share on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Seems a bit hypocritical" to which the author replied: "It's a paradox"

No, it's not a paradox, your blog title is just plain old ClickBait.

Social media can be filled with endless photographs of food, and irrelevant information, but this isn't social media for business. An effective social media strategy should work in harmony with your marketing or business strategy.

Social Media Strategy for your Business

Using a clever social media strategy, individuals and organisations can really benefit from these platforms. Here are my tips for helping you on your way to creating the perfect social media strategy for your industry or business.

Identify the correct social platforms for your Business/Industry

By identifying which social platforms your customers are present on will help put your content in front of the right people. For example, if your target audience are between 16 - 25, Snapchat might be a good option. You don't need to be active on every social platform to be effective on social media.