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Why you should Avoid Using ‘Click Here’ in Link Text

Back in the 1990's when the internet was all new and shiny, people had no clue how to use it. Myself included, so we needed to be literally told to 'Click Here', otherwise we didn't realise there was more juicy content available.

But it's not the 1990's anymore and we need to start being a little smarter, using 'Click Here' is outdated and pretty much useless. Lets be more creative and put little bit more thought into Call to Action links. The phrasing you use is just as important as the hyperlink text, don't be afraid to add in a couple more links highlighting information which is key to your article.

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The Alternative to 'Click Here'

Instead of Click Here, try using using text which is more interesting, fun and sometimes a bit cheeky!

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