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Finger on the Pulse #Linkedin #DigitalNative

My friend Christiana is what I would describe as a Digital Native; she's on point, on-line and has her finger on the Pulse. Linkedin Pulse that is. Christiana wanted to write Thought Leadership articles, but didn't want the complication of managing a personal blog, that's when she turned to Linkedin Pulse. We had a quick chat about the benefits of Pulse and Christiana produced her first Thought Leadership article the next day. Christiana embraced Linkedin Pulse but has followed the one golden rule when it comes to Thought Leadership, write about what you know. She is an expert in her industry, Retail, Innovation and Consulting and because of this her articles are on point.

First Time Pulse Publisher

Christiana's first publication, The Evolution of Retail, received over 500 views within the first day of being published, 13 Likes and 6 comments and she was able to engage with her connections on a different level.

Publishing On Pulse

Using Linkedin Pulse is an excellent way of engaging with your own connections and well as reaching out to other Linkedin users. Since publishing her first article, Christiana is now an avid Pulse user, and has published an array of excellent and thought provoking content, including; Anthropocentric Intervention as a Digital Experience, 10 Myths of Going Digital in Retail and The Role of Biometrics in Retail: ConfidentID.

Be Like Christiana

What are the benefits of using Linkedin Pulse and why you should be like Christiana and write your own Thought Leadership articles? Here are my top four tips:

1. Take your Linkedin Networking to the Next Level

We all know the key part of Linkedin is networking with business connections, by utalising one of Linkedin's many functions, like Pulse, you can start to engage with your exisiting connections and other Linkedin Users, Pulse is a fantastic way of sharing your thought leadership and shows your industry expertise.

2. Getting to the People Who Matter

Linkedin Pulse targets your content to other like-minded users. Which means, your content will be shared with the people who matter.

3. SEO Value

Huh? SEO Value? Linkedin is a very trafficked website, that means our old friend Google is more than likely to index your Linkedin article rather than if you had personal blog.

4. Be on Point

Using Linkedin Pulse also helps identify if your content is hitting the mark with your customers, connections and colleagues. Giving you mini insight instantly if your content is spot on. If you'd like to read more of Christiana's Thought Leadership articles, click here.

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