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How My Cousin Cheryl Effectively Uses Facebook Groups

A few years ago I was researching my family tree. On an extended branch I met Mike, and his family. His daughter Cheryl and I are about the same age and became friends on Facebook. Which is a great way to see what my distant family members are getting up to. After a bit of discussion, we worked it out and are Six times removed cousins (or something like that!). Like me, Cheryl is a mum and balancing that hectic Work/Life balance can be very challenging, but with social media channels such as Facebook, this makes reaching out to your target audience completely achievable.

Facebook Groups

Cheryl is a go-getter and has created a Facebook Group to promote her online business, she regularly posts videos, product demonstrations, insight into new lines, shares other users posts and flash sales. All this is achieved by using images and overlays with neat graphics and information about her product line. You quite often see the big brands using Facebook to their advantage, the great thing about Facebook is it's power to allow everyone to have access to the limitless information. I think its fab that Cheryl has used her entrepreneur spirit and created her own Facebook Group. The great thing about Facebook is it's power to allow everyone to have access to the limitless information.

Her Facebook Group is exclusive, by invitation only, and this only adds to the power of her networking and marketing ability. Offering her customers the ability to join an exclusive group makes them feel special and valued and also ensures her streamlined and customised marketing is hitting the right targets.

Social Personality

Usually brands will create a 'Social Personality' to engage with their followers, but in this case Cheryl is the Brand Ambassador, and has ingeniously used her own friendly and fun personality to reach out to her customers, in a style that makes it feel as though she is talking directly to you.

Video Content

Recently Cheryl posted a video of sale items with her beautiful little daughter as her assistant, it's a neat video created using a product called Kawaii, a photo editing app. What I really loved was the blooper video, this is really clever of Cheryl, it's a fantastic way to connect with your target audience and shows a real human side to your business. Allowing her customers to engage and interact with her in a way they wouldn't previsouly been able to.

Connect with your target audience and show human side to your business.


I say three cheers to Cheryl and other Mumtreprenuer's who put themselves out there in the public domain, showing their children, family, friends and other Mum's that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!

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