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Recruitment on Linkedin

Recently on LinkedIn there seems to be a popular trend of posts from Recruiters and candidates, highlighting the lack of communication, unsatisfactory service or questionable tactics. Feedback is always important to help improve the process or service. I'm a very positive person, and always like to see the good side to everyone, we are here to help each other succeed and in the process hopefully make some money.

I would like to see less of the Candidate and Recruiter bashing, I genuinely want to read informative and insightful content on LinkedIn (and not spend my time unfollowing my connections).

Recruitment on LinkedIn, Claire M Roper

Generating Content

This is a great way to help you and your business share ideas, processes and tips for your Industry and is a good starting point to help tackle those misconceptions about your profession.LinkedIn Pulse is the perfect platform to share your thought leadership.

On the topic of Recruitment, here are a few content suggestions:

  • Day in the life of a Recruiter

  • Top tips for resume building

  • How to promote yourself on social media

  • The future of recruitment in a digital age

  • Top Ten Best answers during a Interview

  • What Recruiters look for on your LinkedIn profile

  • Understanding body language during an Interview

  • How Recruitment and Digital go hand in hand

  • Social Media and the effect on the Recruitment process

  • How Recruitment has changed with the times

  • Recruitment in a Disruptive World

  • The landscape of Recruitment and the Workplace

  • Best advice on Interview techniques

It would be great to see a change in the current Trend of negative posts and blame culture, by creating insightful and interesting Content, which can then be a stepping stone to help change the perception of an Industry.

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