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Eddie, the Twitter Genius

Southern Rail bravely handed over their twitter account to Eddie. Eddie is a 15 year old work experience student. I say bravo to Southern Rail for this amazing initiative, sometimes in a corporate world we forget that social media is meant to be fun. It doesn't need to be corporate and salesly, having a bit of fun and showing your personality, especially if you are logo is important.

Eddie the Twitter Genius. Claire Roper Blog

Southern Rail stepped outside the box, gave the reigns to Eddie and he turned the twitter feed into a Twitter fest of positivity. Whoever came up with this idea is a pure genius, giving Eddie the opportunity to experience all aspects of the industry's such a huge experience.

Eddie will be able take away an enormous learning curve; customer service responses, digital marketing, social media strategy and responsibility of representing your organisation online. He did it with flare, confidence, natural charm, and a maturity beyond his years, which is more than we can say about some 'adults'.

Southern Rail, I can't praise you enough for letting Eddie manage your twitter feed. As a social media professional I think this is the perfect way to introduce a young person to the responsibility and understanding of social for business. And Eddie, you are amazing, I love your honesty, you have a natural flare for social media, keep up the good work! #KeepBeingYou

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