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Does your digital marketing strategy need a little sass?

My colleague Jessica, sometimes refers to me as Sassy Sue.

Of course this is all in good nature and a little it of office banner, but in hindsight, do we need to be a little more Sassy? In this digital world full self proclaimed content creators, bloggers, In-House Philosopher's, digital guru's, Chief Troublemaker's, Digital Prophets and storytellers, are we drowning in all the white noise? Do we need to get out of our rut and instead we should be pushing ourselves to be a little sassy?

Sass. according to the Urban Dictionary: "Someone who is full of themselves but in a good way. They're cheeky, lively, smart, saucy, slightly impudent, mouthy, cocky, energetic, loud and extremely talkative"

Let's not be afraid to be a little sassy!

Sometimes the best marketing ideas can come from a little sassy. Being ahead of the game and producing content which makes other departments or teams 'freak-out' can actually be a good thing. Are you making them question the status quo, giving them the opportunity to look at things at different angle, delve into a solution with a graphic, image or messaging they had never considered before.

Dollar Shave Club, Poo-Pouri, and Old Spice aren't afraid to step out and create interesting and sassy content.

Let's get sassy!


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