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Great example of Employee engagement on twitter

I created a successful orangic twitter campaign which focused on promoting Condeco products with our very own employees! The campaign had a secondary function of promoting employee engagement. Using employees, I paired them with tongue in cheek comments, which matched up to existing thought leadership articles.

Employee engagement is a must to help develop your brand, because if your employees can't be bothered to engage or share on social media, then why would your customers?

"By being more active on social media and sharing their industry knowledge and insights, they’ll develop a reputation for being a credible and authoritative source of information."

I snapped the photos of the team using my smartphone, and created the social media tiles using Canva. I used a mix of employees, who where all happy to be involved, they wanted to choose the blog and got into the spirit of things by holding the sign in different ways.

This campaign was designed to encourage engagement from the team and get them initially involved with social media. Employees where excited to see their image on social media and shared and commented on each other posts.


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