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Tailoring your Twitter content to match your market

Twitter, it’s a funny old thing.

We post updates, images, pictures, polls and stories to encourage our audience to engage, by reading our articles, retweeting, liking and commenting. It’s amazing when you tune in with your audience, supplying them with relevant and topical content, engagement grows and your social presence becomes more credible.

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So what happens when you have more than one twitter account?

Is there a need to consolidate and have only one twitter feed? I say no, and so do many big technology giants such as Google, Apple, Sony, Amazon and the list goes on. Just because you are a global company, doesn’t mean your customers always are.

Research shows customers enjoy engaging with content relevant to their environment and community. Twitter offers your audience a place to find local news relevant to their needs and requirements.

90% of consumers like custom content from brands, according to a New Time Inc. Study - Click to Tweet

Being able to target your content organically through multiple twitter channels is an effective way of communicating with your audience. Now you can argue, and some have, everyone globally can see twitter, and yes that’s true they can, but the benefits of being able tailor your twitter feed regionally to suit your customer base allows you to create a cultural fit within your B2B (or as I refer to it, B2P - business to people) audience base. Giving them the choice to select the feed, or news channel they’d like to follow.

One size doesn't Fit All