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How did you get that name?

Branding is a huge part of marketing and most organisations dream of being automatically recognised by their logo, product or slogan. The name you choose for your company plays a huge role in your brand and style.

Some names seem like an easy fit, others take a bit of thinking about and others can be just plain weird. Whatever you choose, ensure that it has meaning and logic to your product or service.

How did you get that name? Claire M Roper

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Names with meaning

Take my employer, Condeco, specialising in room booking software, the name in Latin means "To Meet", very clever! Social media companies are no different and need to come up with a catchy and interesting name which relates to the service they offer.


I love to tweet, and we all relate this with the short tweets of birds. But just like all company names, the concept of the name can through a few alterations, did you know this social platform could have been called Jitter or Twitch.

“The name clarified the mission of the company: Keeping things simple, social, short, and tangible." - Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder, Twitter


This name is a bit of a no brainer, becoming a member allows you to become linked or connected into your professional network. But founder, Reid Hoffman, dabbled in other social networking platforms, he eventually took his original platform Socialnet, changed the name and focused it directly on business networking.

"I decided to start LinkedIn because the professional space was really interesting" - Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder, LinkedIn