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Mustering your flock and Building your Company

I love twitter, it's a great social platform to engage directly with brands, like-minded people and ideas. Increasing your twitter followers can be a daunting task, especially if your a one man show and don't have a lot of cash and time to throw behind the job. And I'm exactly that! Without using promoted tweets, being a celebrity or a major brand, here's three simple things I do to steadily increase my twitter followers.

Claire Roper; Mustering your flock and building your company

1. Engage

Engage with other twitter users by asking questions, @mentioning, retweeting, answering questions or responding to other tweets. My advice, always be positive, you'll get a much better response from other users!

Not only should you use #hashtags in your tweets, but you can also search for other twitter followers, searching using hashtags you can find new users to follow on topics which interest you.

3. Campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to advertise or promote yourself or your brand in a fun interactive way. Many brands do this to gain attention, here's a hashtag campaign I created called the #ChatterChallenge. Find out more about the Challenge here.

*Mustering of Storks, Flock of Pigeons, Building of Rooks and a Company of Parrots, source


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