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The best "Thanks for the Follow" I've ever received on Twitter

What do you do when someone followers you on Twitter?

Do you instantly follow them back, have you set up an automated response, or do you send them a personalised messaging saying thanks? I try where I can to follow everyone back, (apologies if I've missed you), and sometimes I send a personalised message to say thanks. But as of today, I might change my ways, all thanks to Ed Davis.

I followed a couple of people of interest, usually I receive a couple of automated responses back, which is fine, I don't mind them at all, some of them are really quite good, but today, I was tweeted probably the coolest 'Thanks for the Follow" I've ever received, it was super friendly and tailored directly to me.

Ed Davis took the time to read my profile and craft a really neat response.

This resulted in us having a conversation on twitter, I knew we already had a few things in common, Digital Marketing, Social Media, because that's why I followed him, but his truly personalised response made jump onto his website sign up for the newsletter and follow his company In A Pub on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This is engagement at it's best, taking a little time to find out who your new follower is and sending them a personalised message.

Thanks Ed, you made my day!

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