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The Best Thing That's Happened To Me Because Of Social Media

In the 1950’s, after a family disagreement, my Uncle John ran away from home and joined the circus. Years later we heard through the family grapevine he died in the early 1980’s. Fast forward to 2005 and my father and I were researching the family tree, we wanted to get in touch with John's son Jules, I found out from my father that he had been a model in the 1990's in Sydney, Australia.

After a quick +Google search, I found more information about Jules (along with some very amusing 90's modeling shots), he had a slightly unusual surname so finding him was the easy part, but google searches turned up no contact details, my next step was to turn to Social Media and use Facebook, after about 5 minutes of searching, Dad and I were pretty sure that we had found Jules living in California.

Sending a Facebook Message

I sent Jules a facebook message along with my email address, and then we waited. Two days later I had an email, but not from my cousin who I was expecting, it was from Uncle John! I was stunned, I had a message from beyond the Grave. My father was in disbelief, the brother he had lost contact with years ago and who he was told had died had emailed us!!

I sent an email message through facebook, and then we waited!

Long Lost Family

Uncle John had included his telephone number and I instantly phoned him. It was amazing, I spoke to an Uncle I'd never met and my father was reunited with his long lost brother!

Thanks to Facebook I was able to search and then directly contact my cousin and his family in California and of course, the biggest surprise of all was the delight of meeting Uncle John!


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