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Why I received more engagement on Twitter than Facebook and Google+ for the same blog

I recently created a blog called, "slightly weird New Zealand vintage Advertising", which showcased some pretty bad or amusing, depends on how you look at it, vintage advertising posters from New Zealand, ranging from the 1930's through to the 1980's.

I posted a 3 of the posters on Twitter with a link to the blog and the blog itself onto Facebook and Google+. Facebook the reach was only 44 fans with 0 likes and comments.

Google+ received 0 engagement, but the tweets I sent out have been much more popular. What does this mean, why would Twitter respond better than Facebook and Google+? What did I do wrong to engage with my audience on Facebook and Google+ and what did I do right to with Twitter? I've revisited each post on the individual platforms to see why...

Basically I was Lazy when using Facebook

I just simply posted the blog entry into my Facebook Page and hoped for the best. This isn't how my fans on Facebook engage, and I know this. I should have taken selected images from the blog and posted them as individual posts with a link back to the blog over the span of a week. Each post should have had a fun and had a light-hearted description. I also should have posted the blog entry on my personal Facebook profile as well as taking advantage of relevant Facebook groups. I looked back into Facebook Insights at my most popular posts to work out the best time of day to repost the Slightly Weird New Zealand Vintage Advertising blog. Reviewing Facebook Insights I could see 50 Fun Facts about Otaki to date has been my most popular post (as per the insights chart below).

So I will replicate what I did for that blog:

  1. Use the images from the blog to create individual Facebook posts, each image will include a fun description, hashtag and a link back to the Original blog. I have 6 images on this blog, so I will post over 6 days (as I did with 50 Fun Facts about Otaki which was over 50 days). I will post at 2.30pm daily.

  2. The Blog will be reposted at the end of the 6 days on a Saturday morning at 10.00am onto my Facebook Page and my personal Facebook Profile.

  3. I will post the blog into related Facebook Groups.

This time, I will engage with my Facebook fans in the way they are accustomed to!

Also lazy when it came to Google+

Just as I was with Facebook, again I was lazy and should have used Google+ and played to its strengths, Communities! Communities on Google+ are a fantastic way of engaging with a like-minded audience, there are several Communities I could have posted the blog entry into, but I didn't, nor did I use Hashtags effectively. So, shame on me, this blog didn't receive the engagement I wanted because I didn't put the effort in! This time, as I will with Facebook, I will post individual images from the blog onto my Google+ Page, I will use Hashtags and post the blog into relevant Communities with a fun description asking the members of the Community "Would use these Vintage style marketing messages in your own advertising".

I made an effort on Twitter

So, I got this right, but I could still do a little better, I posted three of the six individual posters from this blog onto twitter and received a lot of engagement from my followers. I need to take advantage of this and post the remaining three images as individual tweets. I already used hashtags with the first three tweets, but this time around I will use the @ mention feature on twitter.

Revisit of this campaign

I will revisit this campaign and see how effective my changes will be as it stands the blog entry has only had 54 views, this is pretty poor. Hopefully, with the major adjustments to Facebook, Google+ and minimal adjustments to Twitter I will be able to increase the views, receive some comments and more +1's. I'll keep you posted!


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