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Marketing is in the middle of an attention crisis...

Last week I attended a seminar, "Digital Marketing Magazine Mid-term", a great line up of speakers from industry leaders from Microsoft, Meltwater, Mailjet, Act-On, Captive Media and Enter The Arena.

The event was focused on, as you would guess from the name, Digital Marketing, with a strong focus on the future of Digital Marketing. One of the Keynote speakers who stood out to me was Mark Melford from Captive Media. His opening introduction also made me smile "Captive Media, we put TV in loo's".

Marketing is in the middle of an attention crisis...

Mark's presentation titled, IRL vs URL, how advertising on-line (URL) and in the real world (IRL) interact to influence behaviour, he was extremely engaging, in fact so engaging I even put down my mobile and actually listened to what he had to say. He was very statistic driven, which I love, there were plenty of juicy quotes, facts, and stats, here are my top take-a-ways from his presentation:

"Targeting is not Attention"

We are being targeted but that doesn't necessarily mean we are listening or even paying attention. Like me, you probably receive 100's of advertisements in many different forms on a daily basis, but how many of those adverts actually strike a cord with you?

"We are exposed to over 600 advertisements per day"

"Online has eaten offline for lunch"

Looking at the stats Mark presented it was clear to see online has most definitely risen, but is this because everyone now has access to Digital Marketing, spending as little as £20 on a facebook campaign, while offline (Billboards, Television, Radio, Print) are still slightly out of reach for many budgets?

"200 Million people in 2015 downloaded Advertisement blocking software"

"Consumers are beginning to trade their attention"

What? Trade our attention, yep that's right, you may have seen it when you are playing games on your smartphone (as per the image below), it will be interesting to see how this will progress in the future and how we will be engaging with brands.

I hate to admit it, but I have actually watched a video to earn coins while playing the very addictive bubble mania...

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