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The Online Shopper’s Saga: In Search of a Secure Payment Solution

Retail and consumer behaviour is in the spotlight more than ever with the popularity of online shopping being big business! Having a secure payment solution for an e-commerce website is essential for ensuring customers are confident whilst shopping online and will help keep them coming back, especially when a seamless customer journey is involved.

Part of having a seamless customer journey is the payment process when it comes to the online checkout. Shopping cart abandonment is a hot topic in many business discussions, with most abandoned shopping occurring due to concerns about payment security or the payment process being too complicated.

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It’s simply not enough to just offer customers the possibility to make purchases online in order to make a successful business, there needs to be a secure payment solution in place, where concerns around payment security can be avoided.

The animated infographic below, by Total Processing, outlines an in-depth analysis around online shopping including; retail sales over the years versus online shopping over the years, the 10 most popular shopping sites around the world, cart abandonment, and what makes a strong payment gateway. It outlines where to start in regards to searching for a secure payment solution, some key aspects to look out for as well as plenty of stats...

Guest Blogger

David Midgley, Head of Operations at Total Processing