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A Blunt response - smashing your twitter responses

500 Million tweets are posted on twitter everyday, standing out from the crowd even if your a celebrity, can be a struggle. Some celebrities have a team of people managing their social channels and others, go free style and do it all themselves, which can end in disaster or ridiculous twitter fights with fans or other celebrities.

But occasionally you come across a Twitter account, which is absolutely genius.

I'm talking about James Blunt (@JamesBlunt), whether it was an intentional digital strategy or it's simply his personality shining through, he has totally nailed his Twitter Personality, with humour, sarcasm and those brilliant one liners.

I applaud him for his Tweets, retweets and responses, he is original, very cheeky, a little bit sexy and doesn't take himself to seriously. He doesn't get mad or irritated and answers those insulting tweets with pure wit.

James' tweets are always sure to receive thousands of likes.

One thing James does well, is be consistent with his Twitter personality. His music is described as middle of the road, easy listening, which is a far cry from his out of box, slap you across the face Twitter style, showing another side of his personality.

James is one to follow, even if you're not a fan of his music, you'll sure be a fan of his tweets. Here are some of my favourites...


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