Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

As well as working full time, and looking after three small children, I also manage a facebook page and a blog coming up with new topics is the easy part, finding the time to write the articles, well that's the challenge! So I needed to come with a way to help me create more interesting blogs that the local community would be interested in, but at the same time find a solution for the age-old problem of not enough hours in the day.

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I turned my blog page into a community blog, asking the local community if they'd like to write about their personal experiences, stories, and adventures.

The answer, Collaboration!

The response was fantastic, I saw my blog turn from a simple blog about the local town to a place where people could share their story with the community. The people of Otaki, New Zealand are very passionate about their town, they engage online and always support positive stories.

Selection of blogs written by the local community.

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