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Collaboration Part Two

Because my approach to Collaboration was so successful, If you Don't ask you don't get, Collaboration at it's finest, I decided to take it one step further, if blogging worked so well for the local community, how about approaching other bloggers, businesses and local personalities in the region and ask if they'd like to do a guest blog.

Where would I find these people? I turned to my twitter followers, a ready made list of like minded people who shared a interest in all things digital.

It was a fairly long project, but I went through the list, read their profiles and carefully selected the people I wanted to approach. After putting together an email, which I tailored specially for each person, I set about contacting an array of different people, local councillors authors, foodies, cycling shops, bloggers, nature groups, gardeners photographers and even a couple of Aussie guys.

Here is a selection of blogs written by the local community and my network of bloggers:

The Long Walk Home (Day 1) - By Zoe Mounsey I am a relative newcomer to New Zealand (Jan 2013) and while I was aware of the risk of earthquakes before we boarded the plane at Heathrow, to be honest I hadn’t really given the reality of earthquakes and their aftermath a second thought. Read More

It's a small world after all...By Chrissy Anderson The +Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. My husband and I happened to be visiting Scotland and went along to join in the celebration of arts and entertainment! Read More

Reflection - By Jamie Bull In 5 days I will be meeting members of the community who are interested in being involved in Reflection. I will be creating a 20 minute site specific work using all those who want to be involved. Plus several dance and drama classes from Otaki College. Sound will be percussion and vocal, and so far Fran and Anne- Marie are assisting with these aspects. Read More

Moo-lah for hungry cows...and pigs, sheep, horses, and goats! The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary rehabilitates and re-homes abused, injured, and neglected non-human animals. We support animal rights and animal protection, and our main aim is to provide a safe haven for animals. Read More

The History of Otaki Museum - By Len Bayliss Otaki`s Main street is dominated by then Otaki Bank Heritage Preservation Trust building. This was bujlt in 1918 as a Bank of New Zealand branch and sold to the Otaki Borough Council in 1965. However the building became vacant when the Borough Council was abolished in 1989 when its functions were taken over by the newly established Kapiti Coast District Council. Read More


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