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One Hot Tip On How to Get Retweets

I use twitter, a lot! And one of the biggest questions I''m always asked is, how to I get lots of retweets?

It's not always about retweets, you also want people to comment, follow and like your tweets, but let's start with just getting retweets. Assuming your content is good and is hitting your target audience, here is one simple hot tip to help you get those retweets. I recently wrote a blog called '15 Female Digital Influencers on Twitter' - which yes as you can guess, was all about 15 women I follow on twitter, there are millions of people to follow and finding those people who interest you can be a tricky task.

I'm interested in Social Media and social strategy, Digital Marketing, Online Tools, Technology (Specifically CRM tools), marketing automation and content creation, and have worked hard to find people who interest me.

I set up a series of tweets @ Mentioning all of the individual women on the blog.

Once the blog was published, I set up a series of tweets @ Mentioning all of the individual women in the blog entry as well as other communities on twitter focusing on Female Leadership and Technology with link backs to the blog entry.

My Hot Tip to Getting Retweets

I then pinned the most popular tweet from this series to my twitter feed and followed more twitter accounts focused on Female Leadership and Technology, retweeting one of their tweets and what I found was new followers would then retweet my pinned tweet.

Pinned tweets let people know which piece of content you currently value the most.

To Find that all important tweet, simply head to your Twitter Analytics page to get the low-down on those all important statistics, you'll be able to clearly see which tweet has gained the most traction.

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