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The Selfie and Escalator Related Accidents

I was on my way into the office last week, travelling through Kings Cross station and came across the sign below, which was located at the top of the escalator, number 3 particularly made me cringe.

But are we becoming obsessed with the selfie? According to Elsa Godart, French psychoanalyst and philosopher, one million selfies taken every day across the world (the average millennial is expected to take 25,700 selfies in his or her lifetime).

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People are forgetting there’s a cliff behind them, people are getting squashed by trains. And those aren’t the only aberrations: people are taking smiling selfies of themselves in front of Auschwitz and with dying tramps in the street. Last summer a British parliamentary candidate took a selfie on the Tunisian beach where 38 tourists had just been gunned down and at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, David Cameron, President Obama and the Danish Prime Minister forgot where they were long enough to lean in for a selfie. So I became obsessed with finding out how and why one can lose consciousness to that extent?” - Elsa Godart, French psychoanalyst and philosopher

55 percent of social media selfies come from millennials, but Gen X follows with 24 percent and baby boomers with 9 percent - Aol

Selfies have become the norm, and a part of our lives, seemingly taking them at any occasion. So I guess the question is, who is actually taking selfies of themselves on an escaltor at Kings Cross station? Certainly not me, but I did send that tweet....does that me just a digital culprit? #FirstWorldProblems.


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