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Blogging is a way of life and creating blogging or thought leadership programme for your business is vital in our digital age! I've created and managed blogging and thought leadership programmes across a wide range of industries. And of course, write my own blog!

Check out all the articles I've written for businesses and individuals below.

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Otaki Mail  | Otaki Market, Kids' Market

This January, we wanted to mix things up a bit, and hosted our first ever Kids Market + regular market. With over 30 tamariki and rangatahi aged between 6 and 18 have a stall at our market. We were completely overwhelmed with the positive response from the community. Otaki Mail, Kids Market

Screenshot 2021-10-22 at 17.31.55.png  | The power of the infographic is a digital platform which allows you to create infographics, I've used this platform several times to create effective infographics, for business and personal use. I was contacted by who invited me to be a guest blogger and discuss the power of Infographics. The Power of the Infographic 

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IT central station (now Peerspot) | The Chatter Challenge 

The week has started off well and continued to get better, the first few days of my #chatterchallenge consisted of Housekeeping; updating my notifications, reviewing who I was following and most important of all making sure the team were following me! Read more

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Public Technology.Net | The Driving Forces Behind the Modern Workplace Revolution

There has been a rapid change in the workplace throughout the decades, and now modern technology and office culture are combining to cement higher levels of productivity. As the framework of the traditional workplace shifts rapidly, business leaders are beginning to notice, and take advantage. Whether small or larger changes overall, there are two core factors to incorporate in your business strategy, to ensure you get the best from your workplace transformation: read more

Children's Storybook

WorkTech | Gender bias: how children’s cartoons can break the work barriers

On the centenary of the suffragette movement, recent media coverage has made the issue of the gender pay gap impossible to ignore – and now children’s cartoons have a part to play in the debate. Programmes such Peppa Pig portray women’s skill as having no bounds. A character from the show, Miss Rabbit, is a pioneering role model undertaking a multitude of professions from entrepreneur, firefighter and shopkeeper to helicopter pilot and train driver; she also manages the ticket sales at the local museum. read more

Blogs and articles written while managing thought leadership platforms

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Lifecycle of a blog | SolX Consulting Ltd

Table manners: four ways an untidy desk can impact your career | WorkTech Academy

Talking points: five tips to improve the meeting experience | WorkTech Academy

The advantage of desk sharing | Condeco Software Ltd

The Art of Communication | Condeco Software Ltd

The Dashboard Revolution | SolX Consulting Ltd

The ethical consequences of Artificial Intelligence | Condeco Software Ltd

The evolution of workplace behaviours, attitudes and technology | WorkTech Academy

The hidden cost of workplace interruptions | Condeco Software Ltd

The History of Voice Recognition Technology | Condeco Software Ltd

The history of wearable technology  | Condeco Software Ltd

The impact of meeting room no-shows | Condeco Software Ltd

The modern workplace: what has changed over the decades?  | Condeco Software Ltd

The most effective ways of working in 2018 | WorkTech Academy

The power of networking | Condeco Software Ltd

The psychology of colour in the workplace | Condeco Software Ltd

The rise and popularity of apps in Singapore | Condeco Software Ltd

The rise of agile working  | Condeco Software Ltd

The rise of gamification in the workplace | Condeco Software Ltd

The secret behind naming your meeting rooms | Condeco Software Ltd

The swing bridge | Otaki Community Blog

The women of Condeco | Condeco Software Ltd

Then and Now | Otaki Community Blog

Three driving forces changing the modern workplace | Condeco Software Ltd

Top 10 influential women to follow on social media | Condeco Software Ltd

Top 4 workplace resolutions for 2018 | Condeco Software Ltd

Top tips leading technology players on how to stay relevant | WorkTech Academy

Two benefits of video conferencing | Condeco Software Ltd

Two driving factors determining workspace design | Condeco Software Ltd

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