Claire Roper

Fresh Content, New Ideas

Experienced senior communications specialist; digital content, website management and social media platforms. I can work closely with the creative teams to develop and deliver the strategic digital content and social media framework for your brand.

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Social media expert for the digital transformation team at DXC, successfully provided the consulting team with a vision for social media strategy at Virgin Trains.

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Integrated web-to-lead technology with Facebook to create a landing page, which auto generated each entry as a new lead into the CRM. 

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I created a social media and web strategy putting Te Reo Māori into the website, video and social media messaging

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Developed and wrote the ebook Is the workplace ready for voice assistants? A special chapter written by guest author Tracey Groves, CEO intelligent Ethics Ltd.

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Working closely with representatives from LinkedIn, I created several workshops, which I ran across the business globally, tailored for each sector.


2019 - present

Principal Communications Advisor, Digital and Design

Porirua City Council

A strategic part of the Communications team, I'm responsible for creating a community focused digital marketing strategy. Manage effective internal processes to create and deliver digital content across the web and social media channels. Create strategic alignment with stakeholders in Porirua, including youth, Maori and Pacific communities. Creation of a social media strategy focused on community engagement.

DIRECT REPORTS: Digital Coordinator & Videographer Graphic Designer

  • Developed a fluid COVID-19 digital strategy

  • Member of the Porirua City Council Covid-19 communications response team

  • Created and led the strategic development for the digital strategy for Porirua City (Porirua City Council, Pataka Art Museum, Porirua Libraries and Te Rauparaha Arena), including advising on best practice for social.

  • Manage the overall development and strategy of the website, manage training workshops for content owners and web users

  • Research and review innovation and technologies for web and social

  • Established a close working relationship with the Web Developer to implement new functions: SEO strategy, emergency banners, global embeds, online form enhancement, business directory, call to action, automated processes

  • Advised on the Discover Porirua section of the website: ensuring an overall effective end user experience, incorporating SEO, high quality images, social media and up to date content

  • Manage external consultant relationships: web creation, social campaigns,and digital tools for ongoing public consultations

  • Created the overall strategy for social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and ensured Porirua City Councils digital channels are well maintained and managed by the Communications team.

  • Led the content strategy for social media across all four businesses with a major focus on video content and the series of “Did you Know” videos on services and facilities at Council. Watch the Did you Know video for Te Manawa

  • Oversee social media and website platforms: Porirua City Council, Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua Libraries and Pātaka

  • Grew my existing relationship with LinkedIn representatives to help leverage strategies and produce effective tailored LinkedIn workshops, including personalised video messaging for Porirua City Council.

  • Implemented social media guidelines across the business, including a strategy focusing on trolling and antisocial behaviour and best practice guidelines for social media campaigns. Check out our Debate, Not Hate video.

  • Monitor and produce social and website reports, tracking and analysing content metrics, web usage, customer engagement and ensuring ROI is delivered

  • Manage the overall budget for social media spend and recommend social budgets to internal stakeholders for individual campaigns

  • Advise on paid social media campaigns, best practice, budget, and messaging with video, aminated gif or imagery.

  • Advised Porirua Libraries with their online presence, including holiday programme advertising

  • Created an effective Antenno App campaign, using Porirua City Council branding incorporating animated gifs.

  • Advise on the appropriate digital tools for specific campaigns or queries:

  • MailChimp, Survey Monkey, Web solutions, Apps, Social Media tools,

  • Part of the Marketing leadership team developing video content for awards and competitions (Won 2020 Tompkins Wake Award for Better Policy and Regulation by the NZ Society of Local Government Managers SOLGM, watch the video here)

  • After recognising a team member was a singer/songwriter, I briefed her on creating a song for Porirua, and then worked with the Digital Team to create a video. Watch it here

  • Worked with the Principal Marketing Advisor to establish the 2020 and 2021 Love Local - Porirua strategy for the Facebook Group and City-wide Expo

  • Developed strong partnerships with key stakeholders at Pātaka, Library, Te Rauparaha Arena and Porirua City Council

  • Nominated for the 2021 Innovation Award: created a QR code walk, which integrated with our website for Porirua Cemetery, Take the walk!

  • Currently working with the Principal Māori advisor to create Maori translation on the Porirua City Council website

  • Mentor and nurture the digital team: best practices, encourage them to enhance their skill set and develop new techniques, take on ownership of larger projects. Ie: photography courses, drone pilot licence, Facebook advertising workshop

ACHIEVEMENTS: 2021 Innovation Award | Covid-19 Digital Strategy | 2020 Work Experience Programme | Website training workshopsLove Local Campaign | 2019 Valentines Day Campaign | Antenno App Campaign 

SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: Social Media for Government NZ Summit | Co-host LGNZ Webinar | Pacific Business Trust digital conference | ConferenNZ 2020 - Communicating New Zealand | Social Media Made Simple series

2019 - present

Podcast Co-host

Poopology Podcast

The brainchild of Eve Laws, Poopology Podcast brings together women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a modern warrior woman. Special guests and regular friends will join host Eve Laws and myself as the co-host. We laugh, chat and giggle our way through discussions, from the 'shitty' to the lighter side of life

2018 - 2019

Global Head of Content

Condeco Software

Responsible for building an organised and compelling global content strategy. Manage effective internal processes and delivering digital content utilising knowledge from; business solutions and strategy, industry trends, customer insight and competitor analysis. Producing content which is best in class.

DIRECT REPORTS: Marketing Co-Ordinator | Marketing Intern | Content Writer | Social Media

  • Robust and compelling digital global content strategy

  • Managed global blogging programme which incorporates talent and influencers across the business

  • Influence and identify the most effective ways of working with internal teams and specialist partners to produce content

  • Created a content matrix which formed the framework for the Digital Content Hub

  • Enhancing new and exciting website content through employee feedback, customer insight, website analysis

  • Governance of digital platforms: Blogging platform and Content Hub

  • Internal distribution plans to create employee engagement with all digital assets

  • Produce detailed reports of performance from across the global content portfolio

  • Ensure best practices for content creation, distribution and repurposing

  • Tracking and analysing content metrics, ensuring ROI is delivered

  • Worked closely with Graphic Designer and Video production teams to develop content

  • Managing partnerships with content distribution channels, affiliate sites and industry levels

  • Understanding customer base, creatively writing impactful content for blogs and digital assets

  • Identity new commercial opportunities for content strategy

  • Managing content freelancers, journalists and researchers

  • Produce; ebooks & guides, infographics, video, blogs, product sheets & case studies, white-papers and research documents

  • Project lead for the Modern Workplace 2019/20 Research Report

  • Working strategically with the Global Events Director to produce thought leadership content to global events

  • Keep up to date with best practice in digital communication

  • Ensures compliance with best-practice web accessibility guidelines and that content is optimised for search

  • Produce and develop bespoke projects and solutions to help clients engage their target audience

  • Created a Technical Hub Video series

  • Worked closely with the PR agency to generate industry focused articles

  • Created and hosted internal workshops on the fundamentals of content, social media, introduced new assets globally

ACHIEVEMENTS: Global Content Hub | Global Research Report | AI in the Workplace Report | Smart Buildings Infographic | Produced the Generation Z workplace panel | Managed the Change Management Q&A

SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: Co-host: WorkTech roundtable Workplace of the future - Think Tank | Condeco Webinar Series

2017 - 2018

Digital Communications Manger UK and Europe

Condeco Software

Reporting directly to the UK, Middle East and Africa Marketing Director as the Social media and Digital Communications lead for the UK, responsible for the strategic design, implementation and management of online communication strategies targeting specific customer base through account based marketing, industry leads, partners and alliances. Social media strategy and content creation is a key part of this role.

  • Devised and delivered Condeco UK’s digital and social strategy, including high-impact content campaigns across industry, events and digital channels

  • Researching and reporting on social platforms using the strategic positioning, audience research, and ongoing feedback to

  • set the priorities for each campaign and change and adapt to improve creative content results

  • Management of social channels and their continued operation from data collection, paid distribution, and governance of our country network of local channels.

  • Grew the UK Twitter channel to extraordinary proportions, increasing impressions, followers and engagement levels.

  • Developed a thought leadership content plan and strategy based on relatable topics, trends and internal talent

  • Participation in writing and editing thought leadership articles

  • Partner enablement: creating relationships both online and offline with partners and suppliers to establish stronger social

  • relationships and adapting social media strategy to suit

  • Sought out and formed relationships with social influencers internally and externally

  • Created and delivered a series of social media workshops across the UK teams, including the senior leadership team

  • Reported and presented social solutions to the Senior leadership to create hight impact campaigns across industry and

  • Increasing engagement on social channels - generated over half million Twitter impressions for April 2018 Researched new content opportunities across emerging platforms, technologies and media owners

  • Brief the creative team on requirements that meet the campaigns strategic objectives

  • Managed the relationship with media agencies to deliver high impact content

  • Managed an internal team to deliver social and digital results for all UK campaigns

  • Mentored the Marketing Executive in all aspects of digital and social

ACHIEVEMENTS:  Women In Technology Microsite | Innovation Forum | Global LinkedIn Workshops

2016 - 2017

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Blogging Consultant

I love social and digital content and thrive on working on many different projects. Working as a consultant I specialised in social media and digital strategy, content creation, digital campaigns, and thought leadership. I’ve worked on many successful social and digital projects, from workshops, consulting, digital auditing and mentoring to just about everything in between.

  • Created an evergreen roadmap, and seasonal content strategy for all digital channels, including social, blog and website for a London based charity, FutureVersity, as well as a 12-month digital marketing plan highlighting the summer programme. 

  • Website Design and consultation for digital retail expert, Christiana Petrou 

  • Worked closely with a London based advertising agency, training the team on social media workshops, including putting the team to the test with my ’50 Shades of Social Media’ workshop.

  • Provided eCommerce website solutions and social media strategy for a Start-Up women’s fashion designer 

  • Invited to the IoT in Retail event, hosted by ERP News and created content post event 

  • Advised a family run B&B business in France, providing eCommerce solutions, social media strategy, booking system, and a solution for language options.

  • Created a detailed social media report for a London based PR Agency to help them understand their customers Facebook Page 

  • Produced Personalised LinkedIn strategies for business, executives and entrepreneurs wanting to enhance their LinkedIn Profile

2013 - 2016

UK and Ireland Digital & Social Lead

DXC (Formally CSC)

Reporting to the European Marketing Director as the Digital and Social champion, I worked with a global teamacross industry. I understood all aspects of social and digital, as well as how new digital and social solutions could be successful. Raised awareness of social media internally, by creating successful social & thought leadership workshops.

  • Worked as the SME on the Virgin Trains digital transformation account

  • Worked with leadership teams to define the customer journey across all UK channels

  • Develop close working relationships with technical teams, customer care teams, country social media managers, brand & marketing, and the business segments

  • Content creation across all digital channels

  • Presented frequently to executives to gain widespread support for social and digital strategies

  • Advised the management team on social and digital trends

  • Reporting and measuring of all digital and social engagement

  • Worked with key stakeholders to influence social media and ensure KPI’s are met

  • Ensured all social and digital activity is attributed to lead generation campaigns

  • Advised the HR Team with talent acquisition

  • Managed the digital communications strategy

  • Content creation for industry-specific campaigns

  • Managed the UK Thought Leadership strategy

  • Created and delivered a social media training programme which was rolled out across the UK

ACHIEVEMENTS: Valentines Day Social Media Campaign | Thought Leadership Programme | Virgin Trains social media strategy | Partnering with LinkedIn

2012 - 2013

Head of Social and Digital Marketing

SoLX Consulting, agency

Reporting to the CEO, I oversaw the delivery of digital and social campaigns, I was responsible for managing the digital marketing team as well as driving multiple projects and programs to successful completion. I worked extremely closely with the Technical Services team to support new business and account development.

  • Managed the UK marketing team and suppliers

  • Live demonstration of Facebook and salesforce integration at a customer event

  • Sought out and formed relationships with social media influencers both internally and externally

  • Created a social campaign called “The Chatter Challenge” which was taken up by

  • Created a social media and salesforce integrated solution for customers

  • Advised on CRM and social media activities

  • Manage and nurture thought leadership and establish new influencers that fit the brand and appeal to audiences

  • Created the social and digital strategy

  • Worked with key stakeholders to influence social media and ensure KPI’s are met

  • Reporting and measuring of all digital and social engagement to the senior leadership team

  • Advised the senior leadership team on the latest social and digital trends and how best to implement

  • Content creation across all digital channels

ACHIEVEMENTS: Chatter Challenge | Facebook Salesforce Integration

2011 - 2012

2009 - 2011

2007 - 2009

Personal project / maternity leave

Digital Marketing Executive, Jefferson Wells

Digital Marketing & Events Executive MiNC Property Enterprises

Check out my LinkedIn profile for further job history



Part of the team who created the award winning video for "At the Heart of Our City: Strategic Framework for Children and Young People in Porirua." entry.

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Nominated for Innovative Digital Campaign award for "Chatter Challenge" salesforce campaign.

Recreation aoteroa.png

Part of the small team who created the award winning video for the "The Plimmerton Domain Dog Recreation Area" video entry


I created a web based solution, which allowed business owners to submit their details via a digital form and a Facebook Group

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I collaborated with the Public Sector team at Condeco to create a series of content with a public sector focus.

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Nominated - I worked closely with the Cemeteries Team at Porirua City Council to create an interactive QR code walk.




packages and platforms

CRM (, Hubspot)

Email Marketing (MailChimp, Survey Monkey)

Social Scheduling (Hootsuite, Buffer, Meltwater, Adobe​)

Analytics (Adobe Business Catalyst, Google Analytics)​

Graphic Design (Canva, Photoshop)

Website Creation (Wagtail Wix, Weebly, Wordpress)

Marketing Automation (Hubspot)


Blogging (Blogger, WordPress, Linkedin)

Video Creation (Powtoon, VideoScribe)

Collaboration Tools (Slack, ScribblePost, Chatter)

Public Sector, Local Government, Workplace design,, Technology, Property, Real Estate, Financial Services, Shipping, Retail, Adult Education, Sales, IT, Training, Education, Government, Recruitment, Technology Risk Management, Voluntary, Retail, Manufacturing, Telcommunications, Healthcare,  Consulting & Insurance

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website design

blogging & content creation


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Levin Polytechnic, Business Level II


Wilberforce 6th Form College, A Levels


Otaki College, School Certificate


I love spending time with my family, I have 3 boys so I'm totally out numbered.

I'm an amatur artist and enjoy creating cartoon sketches and paintings

I have a passion for baking, celebration cakes are my speciality.