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It's all about timing (why you should trust your Social Media Team)

Social Media is all about timing, getting it right can really make a difference to your post, especially if it's currently Trending. Whether you've written a blog, created a gif or composed an awesome tweet, you need to ensure all you hard work will be seen by your followers.

Check out current trends on Twitter and if you want to be part of the conversation, you then need to ensure your timing is spot on. There is no point in me discussing something that's been and gone! Reviewing what is trending on twitter, gives you an insight into trending conversations which are relevant to your business. Simply click on the hashtag or trend. Simple!

It's all about Timing!

If you are a business and want to take advantage of trends, then don't delay. Sometimes businesses can seek out an array of approvals.

Time is of the esseance when it comes to social media and if you delay in getting your post out, you'll miss the moment.

I've worked with several organisations who didn't understand the importance of timing, especially when it came to blog posts, there was an array of approvals, which sometimes sat with one person for not just days, but weeks. This is very frustrating for a social media team, who need to start generating engagement.

Trust your Social Media Manager

You need to trust in the social team, they are experts in their field and if they let you know a specific word or topic is trending, jump on the band wagon immediatley, write the blog, compose that tweet or create the gif! When it comes to social media it's all about timing and being in the moment.

Who's getting it right?

Virgin Trains @VirginTrains social media feed is spot on, they prove that just because you are huge corporation, you don't have to be stuffy and boring on social media. They use plenty of humour, photographs, animated gifs and trending topics to really engage with their audience. The Virgin Brand is know for being a little 'out-there' and the social media team at Virgin Trains really understand this, making the user experience personal, informative and always with that perfect touch of humour.

Well done Virgin Trains!

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