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Six Tips on how to Share your Content using Linkedin

There are many ways to share your Content on LinkedIn

Not just using your Status Updates. Thinking outside the box and sharing your content in fun and informative ways can ensure your content is shared with a possible new reach of connections. I've put together a few simple ways to share your content using Linkedin, all of which I use myself. If your keen on finding out more about what sort of content to share on LinkedIn.

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Six tips on how to share your content using Linkedin; Claire M Roper

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1. Status Updates

Share your content using standard Status update, this can be shared with the public (which is always my preferred choice), just your connections or you can update to Twitter as well.

Top Tip! Upload a Photo or Image

Why not try out uploading a photograph or Image. I've used this option before and generated quite a number of engagements, with 5,182 potential linkedin members seeing my content, within a matter of hours.

2. Targeted Status Updates