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Six Tips on how to Share your Content using Linkedin

There are many ways to share your Content on LinkedIn

Not just using your Status Updates. Thinking outside the box and sharing your content in fun and informative ways can ensure your content is shared with a possible new reach of connections. I've put together a few simple ways to share your content using Linkedin, all of which I use myself. If your keen on finding out more about what sort of content to share on LinkedIn.

Six tips on how to share your content using Linkedin; Claire M Roper

1. Status Updates

Share your content using standard Status update, this can be shared with the public (which is always my preferred choice), just your connections or you can update to Twitter as well.

Top Tip! Upload a Photo or Image

Why not try out uploading a photograph or Image. I've used this option before and generated quite a number of engagements, with 5,182 potential linkedin members seeing my content, within a matter of hours.

2. Targeted Status Updates

This is a cool option available on Linkedin, anyone you are connected with, you are able to target them in a status update, you can also do this with any company on Linkedin as well. How do you do it? Simply type if @, a list of your connections will appear, select your connection and write your message. This will be shared with all your connections on Linkedin as well as the targeted person receiving a notification you've mentioned them in a post.

3. Group Updates

A fantastic way of sharing your content and starting interesting discussions with other like minded people. Check out "One Big Fat Reason I love engaging with Linkedin Groups" for more indepth information on sharing in groups.

Top Tip!

Always be mindful of the groups rules, as some groups don't allow certain types of content sharing, and you could end up being kicked out of the group if you break the rules!

4. Linkedin Pulse

Using Linkedin Pulse is an excellent way of engaging with your own connections and well as reaching out to other Linkedin users, and is available for everyone on Linkedin to view. Check out "Finger on the Pulse" for more information on Linkedin Pulse.

5. Inmails and Emails

Although this is private messaging, sharing your content via Inmail or Email is a great way of targeting specific connections or prospects. Every Linkedin user has access to Emails, which means you can send private messages to your existing connections. If you have a a premium, business account you'll also have access to Inmails, where you can target Linkedin Members you are not connected with.

Note - I've been sent an Inmail, which I've circled in red.

6. LinkedIn Plugins / Developer Area

This is a great way to assist with Linkedin engagement from your Website, it's super easy and looks really cool. Click here to find out more about the Developer Area.

Enjoy sharing your content on Linkedin and remember, Linkedin is a unique social media channel, it incorporates Business and Social together in the same place, where you can enjoy engaging with other like-minded professionals on Industry trends, business news and updates, acquisitions, information as well as joining groups and connecting.

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