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2 of the Best Technology-Inspired Valentine's Day Marketing Campaign

Do you love it or hate it? Valentines Day the annual celebration or love, romance and for the cynical, commercialization. The first Valentine was sent in 1415, Charles, Duke of Orleans, the first person to send a valentine. He penned a poem to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London. Fast forward to 2022, Valentines Day spending, according to CNBC, is expected to reach $23.9 billion in 2022!

Our friends at the NRF (National Retail Foundation) say 32% of people celebrating Valentines Day opt for online shopping. And for my pals in New Zealand, in 2020 Paymark figures report more than $1.3 million was spend on flowers, you spent $1.2 mi on jewellery and a whopping $18.8m at restaurants and cafes.

I really enjoy using Valentines day as theme for digital campaigns. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and offers a fun, tongue and cheek way to express your business or services in a different way. You can be super cheeky, or subtle really depends on how your feeling (or your company brand).

Two examples of digital marketing campaigns.

CSC Valentines Day Campaign

This Organic Twitter Campaign took 14 services and products across the organisation and ‘mashed’ them together using a Valentines Day Theme, creating 14 catchy and cheeky images to post onto Twitter. The graphic designer had fun creating these social media tiles.

  1. Banking - We belong together, Banking Mobile

  2. Mobility - Our love has...mobility

  3. SAP - SAP At the heart of your business

  4. Healthcare - You're vital to me

  5. Technology - We're engaged

  6. Utilities - Our love is off the grid

  7. Cloud - Love is in the Air Cloud

  8. Transportation - All the right connections

  9. BYOD - In love with BYOD

  10. Big Data - Big data, big heart

  11. Cloud - We go together like hybrid and cloud

  12. APPS - I've modernised by apps for you

  13. Cybersecurity - I love your cyberconfidence

  14. Next Gen - Ready for the Next Gen in our relationship

Next step was to create a thought leadership article, which was hosted on the UK Website. Each of the 14 services or products linked back global website. I scheduled all the posts on the week leading up to Valentines Day. Employees and customers had fun waiting for the next post to appear, and to add their own puns and comic replies. It created a fun environment.

Condeco - Valentines Day Campaign

A very simple but very effective series of twitter tiles. Condeco is a workspace company, offering room and desk booking technology. With the graphic designer we created a series of social media graphics which incorporated the brand, product and services and threw in a little bit of sass!

Each cheeky social media post linked to an existing thought leadership article, covering a range of topics including; workplace design, space management, employee engagement, collaboration, wellness and technological advancements.

  1. You light up my life - How can you reduce energy consumption in the office?

  2. Your so SaaS - Security and the world of SaaS

  3. Get a Room - 5 Reasons why now is the time for better meeting room management

  4. Let's get Engaged - Five employee benefits to enhance your workspace

  5. Embracing Technology - What are the biggest technology disruptions in the workplace

  6. Let's get Coffee - The Coffice – is the way we work shifting?

  7. You had me at Hello - Video vs Audio… Which outranks the other?

  8. You + Me = Collaboration - Five ways to improve office collaboration

  9. Let's get Agile - The agile worker is…working

  10. Let's get Flexible - Flexible working: It’s here to stay

  11. It's all about the Layout - 5 meeting room layout designs for every occasion

  12. Roses are red, violets are blue - The psychology of colour in the workplace

  13. Show me your utilisation - The importance of workplace utilisation data when planning your office

  14. I sense you love me - One year of learnings from Condeco Sense

All of the twitter tiles linked back to one central thought leadership article, "For the Love of Technology".

How much will you spend this Valentine's Day?


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