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If you don't believe me, get @&%!?

This afternoon on my way to a meeting I watched a You Tube video on Facebook, it was a parody of Bruno Mars Uptown Funk, it was most definitely meant for an adult audience; jammed packed full of very offensive words, sexual content, stereotypes, hand gestures and plenty of dry humping.

Australian Stereotypes

This particular video was poking fun at Australian stereotypes, there are plenty of other parodies out there making fun of other countries, including my very own island nation New Zealand. I read through the comments section, as this gives you a gauge as to what people think about your content.

(And to be honest, some people write hilarious things which make me laugh out loud, sometimes that's not always best on public transport!)

Good and Bad Reviews

The reviews of this video where 50/50 offended v amused. Whether or not you actually like the video, one thing we can agree on, social media has done its job and created a social storm around this content.

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