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Ghost Writing Yes or No?

When it comes to blogging, I'm a strong believer all authors should write their own content, (the only exception is when you are collaborating with another author). It seems to be a current trend for big corporations to use the face of an industry expert and behind the scenes a team of ghost writers.

I'm not in favour of this style of blogging. To me, it's the worst form of blogging, it's not real, there is no human story, or personal perspective and quite often there is a distinct lack of personality, and readers can almost always tell.

When you pen your own blog entry, it will be writtern with heart and passion, when coprorations or brands use a ghost writer it can loose personality and quite often there is a secret underlying tone of pushing products or services.

The most successful bloggers, will always be the ones who write their own content.

Sure you can ask another colleague or your marketing department to proof read - but that's where it needs to stop, completely re-writing half of the blog totally underminds the concept of blogging.

Creating a Corporate Blogging Programme

I absolutley agree in a coprorate environment, the marketing department need to play a part in blogging, how do they do this? Manage the programme, ensuring blogs are written and published on time, provide images and proof read. Marketing can also suggest topics as well, but this needs to be a team effort and the individual blogger also needs to have a selection of topics they'd like to write about - because don't forget, the employee is the Industry Expert.

"I don't have time to write"